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Thread: Htc thunderbolt!!!

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    Htc thunderbolt!!!

    okay so i'm sure that this thread will stir the pot so here it goes...my buddy has had a droid eris for about a year now and has had ALOT of problems he is on his 4th one! its been randomly turning off while making phone calls, browsing the internet, blah blah etc. so today he calls up verizon to see about getting ANOTHER ERIS REPLACEMENT. the rep says well we are all out of the eris...would you like an incredible for $50 extra or a droid x for $100 extra and then he says well wait a second, let me speak to my supervisor real quick...a few minutes later he picks the phone up and says well i have another option for you and that is to get a new htc incredible hd, and will cost you nothing...as soon as i heard that i called [baloney] right away because they aren't supposed to be available till what we have heard june...or at least not before the iphone 4 for sure but he described the phone to a T and he never heard of it before today...so as soon as he gets it in the mail tomorrow he said he would bring it over to show me...I WILL BE POSTING PICS AND VIDEO OF IT IF IT DOES IN FACT TURN OUT TO BE A THUNDERBOLT...it just sounds too good to be true and well like most things in life if they sound too good to be true, it usually is...anyone heard of anything like this?
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    Usually, when things sound too good to be true.

    They're not.
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    It is mere speculation until there is proof but everyone loves a rush.
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    The thinderbolt is rumored to release at the end of feb.

    Here check it out if you havent already http://www.noticeorange.com/StoryBod...Qw&font_size=9

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    doubt they would replace it with a phone that hasn't even been released, let alone a 4g phone.

    the guy on the phone probably meant replace it with a different droid and have your friend be eligible for early upgrade to the thunderbolt when it comes out. Along with that early upgrade, he'd have to upgrade to 4g I would imagine.

    other than that, it's too good to be true.


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