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Thread: Camera complain, once again.....

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    Camera complain, once again.....

    I've mentioned and also put a picture on the difference of the Iphone vs. Droid darkness levels through viewfinders on here before but maybe if I (we) keep on complaining we can get a fix for it. While on vacation this past weekend, my friends and I were at a bar and I was trying to get pics of us hanging out. In a dimly lit bar you can even see what you are trying to take a picture of, but in the same position, you can clearly see the object through the Iphone's viewfinder, UGH!!!!! I took a few pics while I was there (blindly) and the pics still turned out super grainy! Did the Moto Droid creators test this out before release?! Please fix!!
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    not again another cam topic. we have SO MUCH of this. like i said ; the pics come out grainy cause they simply forgotten the noise reduction in camera software processing.
    the pics come out of the chip to the flash memory without any software correction.


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