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Thread: Now knowing what you know, which Verizon smart phone would you get now?

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    Now knowing what you know, which Verizon smart phone would you get now?

    This includes the i phone if you could get Verizon service with it? I have the droid 2 and like it alot. I thought I'd like the slide out keyboard, but i never use it now. This makes it pretty bulky. The droid x seemed kinda long, but that would probably be the phone I'd go with now, how about you?
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    I agree about the slide keyboard. I have a Droid 1 and never use the slide keyboard either. I think now I'd get an Incredible but my D1 does just fine. Not even rooted.
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    I would get some sort of android phone still. One without a physical keyboard. IPhone for the wife. Get rid of the crapberry

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    Got a Droid 1 from a Voyager. Thought I needed the slide out keyboard. In the year I have had the D1 I have only used the keyboard for getting into recovery and typing in terminal emulator when I am hacking my phone. All of these things any phone out there can do without the keyboard. So now that I am due for an upgrade I am holding out for 4G. There are plenty of nice devices out right now. X I think would be my personal favorite if I had to do it right now, but with my D1 rooted and about to be running a gingerbread port sooner then later I will just hold out. The D1 is completely open and you can change and hack everything on it, so that will keep me busy into the new year....
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    I also bought the D1 for the keyboard. I hate it. I love my D1. My daughter is able to use the keyboard all the time. I dont know if I would stray from the D1. The Dx is sweet tho.
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    Got the D2 with the Better Half on a BOGO deal. Then as I came down to the wire on the 30 day swap policy, I debated if I should get the DX. Looked at the specs, read tons of posts and reviews, considered the cost of swapping, buying a new case, and the size. Went so far as cutting a piece of wood to the size of the DX to see how it fit in various pockets. Bottom line? I just make too many mistakes on the touch screen keyboard and like the arrows on the real keyboard to move the cursor around correct errors. Kept the D2
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    I would definetly have to go with a phone with a press keyboard, instead of me having a touch keyboard. It would be so much easier to have a normal keyboard . In addition, my Eris does not support life wallpapers unfortunately.

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    I love my D1. I was holding out for the Nexus S. But now the specs and reviews... just didn't go for it. That and that was only at Tmoblie, I'll pass. I really like the DX. But I'm going to wait for 4G and see what Droid member joins the family. I perfer a physical keyboard, but I can do without it. But for now I'll stick to my first love. Anyways I'll be running gingerbread soon and Im really liking MIUI right now. So my answer would be, if I had to go with now... DX. Good post tho, really looking forward to see others replys and why.

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