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Thread: You still get 24hr trials until you are upgraded to the new market?

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    You still get 24hr trials until you are upgraded to the new market?

    My subject says it.

    Not sure why I would rush to the new market then?

    Long time Blackberry user, then Droid Pro... then Droid X... now Droid Incredible (all in one week!)....
    Enjoyed the Incredible but have moved on to a Rezound. Stock.

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    Depends on who the user is.

    I personally purchase apps i know i'll use, i don't like doing that "trial" run, i feel like I'm ripping off the developer and am saying their hard work was not worth it to me.

    I say 15 minutes is too short of a trial time, maybe like an hour, even if it is a game you can't get too far in an hour...

    just my .02 cents


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