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Thread: Verizon Motorola Droid FORCED update destroyed my root access and corrupted apps

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    Verizon Motorola Droid FORCED update destroyed my root access and corrupted apps

    HELP FREAKING OUT! Please Help!

    Dec. 2010 Verizon Motorola Droid FORCED update destroyed my root access and corrupted all rooted apps & several non rooted apps, corrupted the ability to pair blue-tooth.

    Titanium Backup Pro root stopped working after today's "FORCED" Verizon Motorola droid update. Worked perfect before Verizon FORCED update. Before allowing update to restart phone, used my Titanium Backup Pro PAID version to backed up everything then uploaded to DropBox.

    This is truly unbelievable, the "FORCED MANDATORY VERIZON MOTOROLA DROID", update corrupted my rooting app Z4root, (which has now been removed from the market) my BusyBox (which no longer works with this update), SuperUser app & other apps. I tried to access my phones TI Pro backup app it won't allow me access says may phone has to be rooted. So I downloaded & reinstalled Z4root, BusyBox & SuperUser & set them up again. Same problem from your TI Pro still says can't access needs root access. Verizon is assh****, sorry but I am upset.

    I called Verizon tech (morons), I mean support, told them that after the FORCED MANDATORY UPDATE, the update corrupted some of my apps. The tech ask if I had a mod installed & or had rooted the phone, OF COURSE I DENIED IT, the tech said they had a number of people calling today with same problem & just to let me know that such programs violate my Verizon TOS agreement & voids my phones warranty. I again DENIED ANY SUCH DOING. What bulls*** they are feeding me it is my phone I can do as I please, what assh**** Verizon, Google, Motorola & Droid is. I asked if their UPDATE contained any code to disable any programs, the tech stated that while he can not specifically answer that question, that Verizon has the right to FORCE download & install Mandatory updates that would improve the phone, or enforce their TOS policy, (basically what ever they want) what crap. It does not seem right that they can do this.

    Fortunately I do have things backed up to SD & to DropBox. Cant access a good backup on TI Pro, because the recent VERIZON Droid Forced update NO LONGER allows the root access to work, disables Z4root, BusyBox & SuperUser. I have now gone through the trouble of doing a hard reset to my phone, reinstalling the above apps & still the problem exist, no root access. Someone said the VERIZON Droid update may have locked the NAND which I have not been able to unlock.

    Please forgive my anger, the injustice of the destruction the "FORCED VERIZON MANDATORY UPDATE" & their arrogance in that they own my phone & they can do what they please. I pay them a huge amount of money for their service & this is how they repay me.

    Log Collector version: 1.1.0
    Device model: Droid
    Firmware version: 2.2.1
    Kernel version:
    Build number: FRG83D
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    How is it a forced update? You have to press a big button that says INSTALL NOW.
  4. dankarlinski
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    Quote Originally Posted by vatothe0 View Post
    How is it a forced update? You have to press a big button that says INSTALL NOW.

    this is true. if you get a custom rom, or have root access, you can remove the ota update feature.

    too late now tho.

    as for Z4, i have an APK ready to send. just PM me your email addy and ill shoot you the apk.
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    Next time there's an update, hit the "install later" button. Problem solved.
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    OK this concerns me, I am of course rooted and I have Titanium Pro, I am on the stock ROM, have everything backed up to Dropbox, etc etc.

    The OP says this update was "forced"... is this possible? Last time when the 2.3.20 update came out I told it "later" until I was ready, and was able to re-root afterwards with minimal hassles.

    I don't want to be "forced" into an update which will screw up countless hours of setup, customization, and backup.

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    If you don't like having Verizon as your carrier, then switch. You've acknowledged that you violated your TOS by rooting, etc, but are then ticked off b/c you downloaded and installed an update where you could've easily hit "Install later"? I guess that's the risk you run, right?
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    In no way was it forced. You must have hit the install button. Your best bet to get everything working again is to use link 4 in my sig then use link 3 in my sig to root the right way, this will put a custom recovery on your phone which will block the "forced" update next time. When your rooted you cannot accept Verizon OTA's unless you have a custom recovery installed unless you want similar results.

    This was your issue. You were rooted but didn't have a custom recovery. That's one of the issues with one click root apps.

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    They send out updates to improve your phone and you call that an injustice?? The only arrogance I see is in your post. The other 95% of their customers that don't root actually look forward to those updates.
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    As I agree with the other posters in here, you really should have done some reading/searching before posting a thread like this. I know it was out of anger, but having a leveled head about this, the solution can easily be found.

    Verizon is well aware of Android phones being rooted. The only way an official update would corrupt files is if you rooted, which I'm sure they've learned about already. They do as instructed and make you aware that you have violated the TOS contract, they're just doing their jobs
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