Getting Started
So if you don't already play Parallel Kingdom, or haven't finished a tutorial, here's an easy way to get a free bonus 1000 gold and 300 Food
1. Download "Parallel Kingdom" from the AppStore (for free, and it's for Android too)
2. This is Parallel Kingdom Age of Emergence. Once a year or so they'll release a new "age," with a ton of new features
3. Start the app and make an account
4. There is a really long tutorial now, unfortunately. I joined before so I don't know what's in the tutorial, but you can PM me here and I will help you

5. At the end of the tutorial, some monk asks you if someone refered you. Say yes, and enter the
code: XLUIK That's it you'll be awarded with 300 food and 1000 gold.

6. Now just finish the tutorial by relocating (via the menu)

- RJC0106

Everybody go try out Parallel Kingdom, free in the AppStore and is fun, advanced MMORPGs. In Parallel Kingdom, I'm rjc0106 , and refer me (code: XLUIK for Free Gold and food) Thanks