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Thread: Flappy Bird vs Zappy Bird, the BIGGEST War in Android

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    Post Flappy Bird vs Zappy Bird, the BIGGEST War in Android

    Recently the “Bird” trend is on the RISE, started from angry bird, then now Flappy Bird and Zappy Bird, who will win the “Bird” War?
    We will not talk about angry bird here since it is an old trend.
    Now let’s FOCUS on the 2 Ultimate Trend, FLAPPY vs ZAPPY. We highly recommend you to try these 2 games to compare who is the BIGGEST WINNER. In our opinion, both “ZAPPY Bird Story” and “Flappy bird” are great game.

    In fact, is of 2 defferent genres. Flappy Bird focus on 1 simple game play, not much objective, casual style. While Zappy Bird has various levels and surprises (e.g. meteor), allows customisation of gravity, upward, size, speed and even creating your own level. Zappy Bird also has objective score to meet to unlock various hidden mechanics in game such as (advancing to day, unlock more customisation, hellmode, meteor and lightning strike attack). We would say Zappy build need some strategy to customise the best form of zappy bird to get highest possible.

    Flappy bird uses low quality graphics that is good to keep the file size small. However, most smart nowadays have fast processor and memory that prefer “HD”. Although low quality graphic, it support more older devices.
    Zappy Bird Story uses Stunning HD graphic and special/particle effects. The good is that HD looks perfect even on big screen. The bad, cannot support OLDER devices.

    First Verdict: So far, Zappy Bird Story is the ONLY POWERFUL GAME that can hit Head on to Flappy Bird.

    First, let’s look at “ZAPPY Bird Story“description:

    Zappy Bird Story enable unlimited customisations such as changing bird size, gravity and speed…
    Many Surprises such as Meteor Strike and Lightning Zap obstacle.
    Zappy Bird Story is currently the best rated Quality Version with great reviews.
    Features Highlights:
    - 6 Unique Levels with various difficulties.
    - Many Suprises such as Meteor Strike and Lightning Zap above A-rank
    - Unlock HELL MODE for Insane Difficulty
    - Smooth progression from easy difficulty to hard difficulty
    - Create your own Zappy Bird level
    - Unlock more than 30 customisation types and values
    - More than 1000 customisation combinations
    - Random Mode with unlimited surprises
    - Customise Gravity
    - Customise Upward Force
    - Customise Bird Size
    - Customise Speed
    - Customise Gap Size and Tube Distance Apart
    - Reveal 9 different Ranks ranging from F (<10), E (>10), D (>20), C (>30), B (>40), A (>50), S (>100), SS (unknown), SSS-Rank (unknown)
    - Get Life to extend your Zappy Bird Distance
    - Vibrant Colours Improvement
    - Comes with pause button, back to menu, sound control and various improvements
    - Free to Play!
    Next look at “FLAPPY Bird“description:

    Flap your wings to fly…
    [How to play]
    > Tap to flap your wings to fly.
    > Avoid pipes.
    > Try to get 4 medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), Platinum (very hard)


    After looking at features and what each games have to offer, it is obvious that Zappy Bird Story is the Ultimate winner of the games. It is a game that you have something to look forward to unlock new stage, customisation, hellmode and surprises (meteor & lightning). So far the review is still perfect for Zappy Bird which I think they really live up to the standard. It is still new now, but we are sure Zappy Bird downloads will overtake flappy bird since it is definitely a quality release with unique customisation, surprises and game progression concept. I would say Zappy Bird concept is better than Flappy Bird. However, if you prefer simple and casual game, flappy bird is still great.

    Who is Original? Better Quality one or the Quick & Dirty one?
    According to an email conversion with the developer, “they have work on Zappy Bird Story for about 6 to 9 months even before Flappy Bird. They are sad yet surprise that a “lite quality” version flappy bird (can’t even use back button, high score bug etc) goes up to be so popular. The developer also stated that they spent too much time on alpha and beta testing to ensure no bugs in Zappy Bird Story; they should have release Zappy Bird Story earlier if they know similar idea will pop out. However, the team works on other development projects (e.g. 3D simulation, interior design, training centre) and have limited time and resources to focus on purely apps development. This cause more delays in the release. The team is very sure that this concept is only known to the developer team, similar idea is just pure coincidence.”

    Is it really true? What we think is all these bird copy the "paper plane" kind of gameplay. Not that we can decide, but indeed Zappy Bird Story is definitely a quality release, no doubts about that.

    Reviewed by AndroidLabReview
    If you have any interesting apps that want us to compare, feel to to email our official AndroidLabReview, we will get our members to write an article for you.
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    I'll keep to flappy bird myself.

    Note 3 ~ 5s
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    Flappy bird is going to be taken down tomorrow. Just read a few articles. Apparently the creator can't take the popularity.

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    Game Title: Flappy Zappy Valentine

    I have to say the company is improving fast and impressive. They release a Valentine version of Zappy Bird which we believe it is the best version available (beautiful valentine theme, love message system, arcade mode, story mode, global leaderboard, hellmode etc.), just that it is still new and undiscovered. Give it a try and I believe you will have the same thinking as us, "Impressive" and much better than flappy bird.

    Reviewed by AndroidLabReview
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    Still like flappy bird.


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