Hi all,

So I made this for iOS, and in the time it's taken to get through submission, I've ported it over to Android and Kindle Fire.

I just wanted to share it with you guys, and if it's your thing then I hope you have the time to check it out...and then eventually like it...


Get it on Google Play!


ColourFall is a puzzle game that takes the classic ‘match 3’ formula and mixes it up across three challenging and distinct game modes that give you the option of either playing to relax, or to compete!

Towers Mode : See how many colour matches you can get in a limited number of towers (5, 10 or 15).

Timed Mode : You start with a 30 second timer that continually counts down. Each colour match adds 5 seconds to your timer. How long can you keep going?

Checkpoint Mode : You have 10 seconds to get at least 1 colour match. Get a point for each checkpoint you pass.

Relaxing AND Challenging : ColourFall is designed for two types of game play. Want a relaxing experience? Fine, just play along and whittle away at both the tower and your daily commute. Fancy challenging your friends? Make use of the Google Play integration and try for the best score in the world!

Currently available on Google Play