Hi everyone. Planemo STD want to introduce new version of our game "Da Vinci Mystery"
In new version you’ll find:
♥ New category "Science"
♥ New achievements
♥ New riddles in Mensa, Logic and Math categories
♥ Now you can choose language (English or Russian)
♥ And even more!
In "Da Vinci Mystery" you have to solve different riddles and puzzles. For convenience they are divided into six categories: logic, math, MENSA society riddles,history, science and extra . When you start game there is only one opened riddle in each category. Right answer to any riddle will give access to the next two.
Solve riddles, find answers - open new achievements.


★ In game you will find tips that can help you in solving difficult riddles.

★ Also, to facilitate solutions and convenience there is a Notepad , "Paint" and Calculator.

★ Notepad can be useful to record your thoughts about the decision.

★ "Painter" can help if you want to outline your thoughts.

★ Calculator will be useful for solving certain mathematical riddles

Available at Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...RhVmluY2lSdSJd

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Gameplay video: