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Thread: Mobile Gaming

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    Mobile Gaming

    I am debating on getting a smart phone for the first time. I avoided it before because I didn't feel like paying $30 more a month, when all I really used my phone for before was calls and texts. I was always around computers whether at work or home. And I never used much facebook or twitter or anything. But I am changing jobs soon, and might get more use out of it now.

    I have always enjoyed playing my DS and PSP, and everyone says mobiles are the future of portable gaming. I don't really know much about them and nothing about gaming on them. I think gaming would be a big draw for me, as I enjoy portables, and also some psx and snes emulators would rock too. I was debating on getting the Galaxy Nexus coming out in a few weeks, with some black friday sales, but now I see that NVidia is releasing Tegra 3 GPU possibly next spring. They are saying it is on par with PS Vita. The tech demos I have seen are insane. I fear if I lock myself into a 2 year contract, when such a huge leap in graphics tech is just around the corner, I may kick myself if I buy a phone now. And I always seem to miss the "next big leap" by a few months whenever I renew. I got my last phone just before Droids came out.

    So my question is do any of you that have some better knowledge, on the mobile gaming scene, and have any advice on what to wait for, etc? I like simple games like angry birds and ****, but some of these new graphics games like Shadowgun and Riptide HD seem like a lot of fun too for longer sessions, and I know current gen can play it, but it makes me wonder what Tegra 3 will be able to pull off, or if it is just a bunch of worthless hyped tech demos. Do you think this is gonna take off and have lots of next gen games?

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    Having a smart phone is great. There is amazing customizing options and you can literally spend hours on apps to games to launchers to pictures to backgrounds to games. It's amazing. You can spend hours on it

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    I've downloaded for my Android smartphone a new catching game. Try To Find. It is equally interesting for adults and children.
    Free download here https://market.android.com/details?i...i5jb21wYXJlIl0
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    I think should definitely get a smartphone... the question is when?

    I've bought them for all my family members who were too stubborn to make the jump and they admitted they really wish they did so earlier. Even if you're by a computer all the time, you can take your smartphone anywhere (even the toilet) and the available apps will make you want to use it a lot. It keeps you connected to work and pleasure at all times. A touchscreen on well-developed mobile OS is really enjoyable to use, too.

    The Galaxy Nexus is a nice handset and if you want a phone really soon, you probably should just get it. That phone will be supported for the length of your contract (2 years). Tegra 3 phones probably will not come out till late Spring or early Summer (my guess). Sure, you could wait for it, but there will always be something better around the corner. You could also buy a phone now and sell it in 4 or 5 months (people will pay a decent amount for a phone off-contract and they usually hold most of their value for at least six months). Then put that money towards upgrading to the bigger, badder phone. Btw, current dual-core phones are capable of playing some really graphic-intensive games, like Riptide GP.... it's just a matter of devs pushing games of that caliber out. Good luck!
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    Here is a screenshot from my DROID X using an N64 emulator playing Mario 64 with a wii controller. Using the wii controller makes it so easy to play and its tons o fun!!!

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    I love to play mobile games,But i have no any game in my mobile. Any one share some good games for downloading?
    I am in waiting.
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