Hey, I recently bought my Droid Pro about a month ago.

Every since I got it I loved it, everything was great, then I started surfing the web to find games that were fun and free to install on my phone, I found this game called "PewPew" it is really fun. But after 5 minutes of playing, it started to go REALLY SLOW, so slow it made my whole fun slow and there was no way it would go away. I decided to go back to the market and uninstall it, rebooted my phone, after 2 minutes my phone was fine, back to normal speed. Weeks later I tried reinstalling the game again and as soon as I open the game, same thing happens, everything is so slow. I don't know what it going on. My friend has the HTC 4G phone for Sprint and the game on his phone works perfectly fine.

I have a 2GB memory SD card installed on my phone also. I'm not sure if I need more memory for the game to work. Please help!