Yep, RainDrop. Youíre a rain drop, taking a journey from the clouds to the ground and looking to get there safely. Obstacles will be put in your path, but youíll also come across powerups thatíll help you get rid of them. Itís like a reverse Papi Jump with soothing music and with graphics just as crisp. I still donít understand why the rain drop has to make it to the ground safely if heís just going to explode when he gets there. All logic aside, this oneís free so try it out now.

Be quick and accurate to avoid getting contaminated! Destroy other drops by releasing droplets, and don't let bigger drops absorb you. Gather points by staying alive and building combos!- It's free!
- HD graphics
- Tilt your phone to control the drop
- 3 different game modes, each with its own online leaderboard
- Compete with your friends with Scoreloop!