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Thread: Music App is crashing

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    Music App is crashing

    Here's the entire story:

    I copied a CD into the sd card of my new droid 2, dragging the files from itunes, half expecting it not to work.

    It did, and it even displayed the cover art from the album. I immediately made a 'music' folder on my sd card and ported two more albums.

    But then, when I went back to the music app, the album artwork was no longer displayed. I tried deleted all the files from the card and re-importing them, but no dice.

    Later, I was listening to music on the stock music app when the song ended and it stopped. The screen had gone dark while I was listening, so I opened the keyboard to take it out of sleep mode.

    I was greeted with an entirely black screen, except for the normal grey bar at the top. The home and menu buttons were unresponsive, but after a few minutes of fiddling the phone worked again, but the music app didn't work until my third try.

    I went back to listening to music and the same thing happened again after a while. Then, the third time it happened, the phone remained unresponsive regardless of my fiddling. I had a friend call me to see if it would break me out of the unresponsive music app, but despite hearing a stuttering version of my ring tone, nothing else happened. I ended up having to remove the battery to get the phone working again.

    At home later, I deleted all of the music files and ported them again, this time with each album neatly placed into its own folder. However, after an email notification interrupted the song, it didn't come back, and then the droid froze again, this time with only half of the music app visible. No buttons did anything and I had to remove the battery again.

    This time I also removed the sd card and put it back in, just in case it was in incorrectly or something. When I turned the music app on again, it said there was an error with the sd card. Was that due to its removal, or was that the explanation for the earlier crash?

    Does anyone else have these problems? How did you solve them? Basically I want to A). have the album artwork back and B) more importantly, prevent the music app from freezing and taking the phone with it.

    The phone goes idle while the music plays, and when I turn it back on it freezes. Can anyone help?
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    Ive seen the same thing with my droid2

    The music app crashes pretty regularly. I listen to mp3s of radio shows on my phone, or at least I would like to. There are a few regularly occurring bugs in addition to the ones mentioned above that I experience:

    1. Say you start playing a radio show 12 mins in and listen to it until 20 mins into the show. Put the phone down and come back and hit play (or press the button on the earphone cord to resume) and playback starts at the 12 min mark, not the 20 min mark where you left it off..

    2. At seemingly random intervals (although sometimes it's at the same time as a notification coming in) the music player will skip 10mins to several hours ahead in a mp3. Just a jump, no fast forward or anything, and it's to a random time, not any even numbers.

    3. this happens when turning the screen back on after it's been off and playing music. Press the on button as the phone is horizontal (portrait mode) then bring the phone up to vertical and unlock and viola! you see the music app half screen...It's the portrait mode rotated on the screen vertically so it's half the screen and the other half runs off.

    Long story short, does anyone think they tested this app at all before releasing it?
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    Hi....i am pansy from USA......my music application is not working frequently.....please give me suggessions...


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