Hi, I have searched a bit but havent found anyone with this idea yet. I was wondering if i can stream music via wifi to my computer so that i can pull out my phone and hit next without walking from living room to my room to hit next on my music player on my PC. I use my computer to play my music because i have a receiver integrated with my HDMI PC out connection.

so 1) can i stream music FROM MY PHONE to my PC and maybe even play slacker/pandora wirelessly?

or 2) is there a remote app that lets me control WMP11 (or itunes) that has just a few buttons such as play, pause, shuffle, and what not. I have PhoneMyPC but was wondering if there was something like a remote specifically for WMP11 controls.

Thanks guys! sorry if you find some info about my question quickly. I just couldnt come up with anything.