The GROM-BT3 was developed to integrate with Volvo factory stereos to connect Bluetooth media streaming and hands-free communication. The module is the ultimate fully-integrated mobile communications device for factory car stereos.

The GROM-BT3 is easy to install, and designed to reduce noise, eliminate echo and produce quality sound for crystal clear calls.

“The GROM-BT3 can help provide safety on the road to drivers through the hands-free calling feature. Having a hands free Bluetooth kit offers security and safety to users while on the go.”

The GROM-BT3 Bluetooth Car kit comes with additional features including AUX-in and direct connection to Android phones, PNDs and tablets. The module can be connected, and even controlled, via the steering wheel or radio buttons. Users can then connect any mobile device to the car stereo through the wires or wirelessly, and the GROM-BT3 will automatically set the right channel to play.