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Thread: Newby needing advice on using Razr over ipod

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    Newby needing advice on using Razr over ipod

    Completely new to forum. Read the posts on various choices in using phone as "ipod." Completely lost. I have a ton of music on my computer (some on itunes) and want to put it on my phone for when I walk. In plain English, (LOL) what program should I use, what SD card should I get (and from where?)

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    I've never dealt with itunes so I don't know if you need to convert formats to play it or if some players support itunes. I just don't know. As for the rest of your music, try hooking your phone to your computer and mount it as a drive. Search around your phones files and if you find one that says "music" or "mp3" put your music files in that folder. Your phone should automatically find those mp3 files. That's all I do with my Rezound.

    Edit: I just re-read your post. This info might help too. What SD card to get? Amazon has some good prices. I bought my SanDisk card at WalMart but I wasn't looking for a class 10. Now that I think about it I believe they have apps that will either play or convert itunes for you, but I'm not sure. I don't believe that you need any special program to put music on your phone. Just follow my directions above. Again, I don't need anything special with my Rezound.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Well I am a DROID bionic owner. And for about 3 months I used it as a Ipod. Drained my battery like crazy.. and I didn't know why at first either. Im a student so every chance I get im listening to music and it drained about 40% of my battery in 2 hours. So I went and got an Ipod touch. Best decision I ever made!


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