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Thread: **QUICK** DVD Question

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    **QUICK** DVD Question

    Heya - I didn't see this particular question answered - I apologize if it was.

    Ya know how sometimes these days you buy a movie that has a "Free Digital Copy" included for playing on you ipod, iphone, ishoe or whatever... would I have to do anything special to get that digital copy to play on my Droid? They play on Ithings and WinMo devices outta the box - so I am hoping the Droid would do it as well... cause I aint gonna be using Ithings/WinMo's anytime soon lol.

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  2. dvdcatalyst
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    Search on the forums for "Digital Copy". There are quite a few posts on this already.

    In short, it's easier and cheaper to rent the DVD, and rip it yourself.


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    "Free Digital Copy" is useless for the Droid...


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