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Thread: music play control while locked???

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    music play control while locked???

    so I use my droid in the car thru my car stereo... I was wondering if there's an app that lets me change songs without having to unlock my phone????if not, hey developers!!!!
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    Have you tired emailing the developer of the app your using? or if it's the stock one, posting over at code.google about it......
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    I know in Slacker there's a setting that will keep the phone from going into Sleep mode while it's playing. You can plug into a charger in your car and have it set so it doesn't lock the screen too, or get a program called ScreenModeWidget and it will keep your phone from going to sleep too.
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    I've also been looking for this - as my wife's Droid Eris offers Music Controls with the built-in app , they appear on the unlock screen.

    Can anyone suggest an music player app for the Droid that will allow for forwarding thru tunes without having to unlock the Droid?

    The only solution I have found - apps that support Blue-tooth controls , but I just use normal Headphones & do not have a BT adapter.

    What would be great - if the camera button could be assigned a music control function - such as to Forward to the next song . It would be limited but better than nothing (if assignable then pretty good actually) .

    Or if you could "shake" the Droid to skip to the next song , even if you have to unlock - just something that keeps you from having to unlock and then use the tiny controls. Something that would give the Droid a little functionality of a h/w mp3 player.

    Hopefully devs are considering this - as I now know based on this thread that I'm not the only person looking for this.

    Thanks for any info.


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