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Thread: Need help with Droid Apps and driod vs. iphone questions please.

  1. Junior Droid
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    Question Need help with Droid Apps and driod vs. iphone questions please.

    Greetings all,
    Ok, so I have been a verizon customer for a while now and after suffering with the LG Voyager (which had to be replaced several times because they send you a crappy refurb when anything breaks) and also suffering from a severe case of iPhone envy, I was getting ready to ditch Verizon and go to AT&T just to have an iPhone.
    Then of course, the Droid arrived and as I would prefer to stay on the Verizon network for numerous reasons, thought I would check it out first.
    So I plan to order mine within the next couple of weeks. I was thinking of getting an iPhone and ATT contract also and checking them out simultaneously, to see if the ATT network and audio quality on the iPhone is really as bad as some say, and then just decide which contract to keep and which to ditch.
    I thought I would come here in the meantime to get some info so I am well prepared to either make my decision, or at least take full advantage of the time I have to evaluate before locking myself into a 2 year commitment to either of these phones/providers.
    Here goes.
    These are some of the apps that you can play with on an iPhone that I seriously want, but have not heard anything at all about on a droid. Has anyone yet seen any of these type of music apps for the Droid? Apple - iPhone - Apps for Music

    Little piano you can play, guitar you can play, little sequencer you can use to write music on the fly, including little overdubs, little apps you can use to hone in your pitch, etc. I know these would not be popular or very useful for everyone, but if you are a musician, having a little sequencer in your pocket, or a way to learn a new instrument, would be very useful. Iíve also seen apps that help you to do ear training such as detecting intervals or developing perfect pitch, etc on an iphone. The little flute app that uses the mic on an iPhone could not be used on an ipod touch so getting an ipod touch to complement my droid will not solve that one, and I already have an 80GB ipod classic which still serves its purpose just fine.
    I want to stay with verizon because I also have friends who have crappy service (Iím in New York btw) with their ATT iPhones, and I really need my phone to be a great phone first and foremost, but if I could do some of the cool things you can do on an iphone too, that would be great.
    Iím not much of a gamer, but Iíve seen some nifty little games on an iphone that made me want to play. Specifically, some of the racing games where you just use the entire phone as your steering wheel. When you turn the phone, your car turns, and its all first person view. I would love to play a little game like that also but even if there were some for droid, not sure the chunky, heavy, rectangular box would be as much fun in my hands as an iphone car game, or other games Iíve seen for that matter.
    There are some other things too but I think Iíve typed your eyes off enough by now so Iíll stop and see what info/input some of you might have to offer.
    If there is a place online where I can look at apps available for the droid, that would be great. If anyone here has had an iphone and switched to Droid, would love to hear your thoughts as well.
    Thank you in advance.
    ps: what about things like guitar hero? I know you can do that on an iphone, and the phone fits in your hand in a way that makes it easy to play with your thumbs, I cant imagine being able to do that comfortably on a droid more thoughts?
  3. Droid Ninja
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    The iPhone has been out for years while the Droid has only been out for a month. It will take a while for the games to catch up to the iPhone. You can go to androlib.com and check their Games section to see what is available.
  4. Droid
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    You may want to look a little better in the Androlib.com

    I have seen apps with the little keyboard, and the guitar app.


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