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Thread: Google Voice Question

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    Google Voice Question

    I've used google voice since it's inception. I know on my droid that I can choose whether to use gvoice on a per call basis at the time I make the call. Is there some way to set it up so that it automatically dials using gvoice for certain numbers? Example, I want to call my wife using my regular VZW number, but I want to call my work using my gvoice number. Can I set things up somewhere automatically to handle this or do I have to do in manually? Thanks much.
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    If this was possible these settings would only be accessible via the web based site and not from the Droid, I would suggest messing around on a computer and seeing if you can toggle these somehow

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    I don't recall seeing an app or anything. That doesn't, however, mean that there isn't one out there.

    You could manually set up the dialing string (basically your GV number, pauses, 2, number to dial, but you'd need to confirm as my memory isn't 100% on this) for contacts that you want to use with GV. It's a tedious process though.
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    Why don't you set it to ask you every time you're making a call. All it takes is an extra click (to confirm call from regular number or from GV number). If an extra click is too much for you then nevermind... that's how I have it set up for the same exact reasons, I use both my numbers to call different people / places.
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