Hi I have been having the same issue with Weather Widget on my phone since Sunday. I emailed the developer on Sunday. Got a response saying something like weather server might be down or you might have lost signal, try again later. I had not lost any signal or had poor reception. Emailed back again today because it was still happening two days later. I then noticed I had an update notification for the app. I downloaded the update and so far it's been okay. Of course, it's only been a few hours though. I told the developer it was getting to be a big nuisance having to enter my zip code 4 and 5 times and it still not resetting/refreshing. I had to shut phone off and uninstall reinstall app each time. I am hoping this update fixed the bug or I might be jumping to a different app. I had app installed for a month now since I got the phone and it just started acting up the past few days. Is it the same with everyone else?