New to Tasker. I can't seem to find a decent car mount that doesn't require me to take my case on and off every time I get in and out, so I'm not going to use the 'Docked' state for apps in the car. So I need a next best alternative. And this exercise kind of helps me to figure my way around in Tasker.

I put three widgets on my homepage

'UP' initializes:
Stay On With AC Power
Display Brightness Level 255
Speakerphone On

'Menu' icon displays a menu to choose Pandora, Maps, etc.

Display Brightness 138
Speakerphone Off

I can live with this, but I have been working this afternoon to combine the 'UP' and "Down' widgets into a single ON/OFF toggle widget

The widget I created works fine, toggles on and off.

Variable Add
%PowerUp Value 1

Variable Set
%PowerUp To 0 If %PowerUp>1

Title ON If %PowerUp~1

Notify Cancel

Title OFF If %PowerUp~0

Notify Cancel

What I need help with is figuring out how to integrate the 'UP' and 'DOWN' tasks into the single toggling task.

Or if anyone has any good ideas on a better way to go about this, I would appreciate the input.