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Is this thread serious? I have never, not once had the slide to answer fail on me. After about two weeks of using my phone I could do it without looking and still not miss a call. That, however, is pointless because if you don't look you can't see who's calling. You can't tell me you answer every single call that comes into your phone every time?
Yes, it's serious. There are widespread reports (my wife's and my droid among them) of the slide functionality on the answer screen not responding.

The problem is intermittent and I don't think it has to do with the lockscreen per se. My guess is that it happens when the o/s is subject to other application demands and cannot respond promptly to the slide action. Furthermore, I believe the problem is made worse by repeatedly swiping the lockscreen; that only seems to make the demand on the o/s even worse.

Tedd's Phone Tools and myLock Phone Tools each provide an alternative in the form of a push button over the lockscreen. Each seems to improve the situation, but I haven't found either to be 100% reliable.

Best advice, I think, is not to be too anxious to answer a call. Let it ring, count to three (or five) and then push the button (or swipe the lockscreen.) That seems to (mostly) eliminate the problem.