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Thread: Is there any way to use the Droid with GPS program on a computer?

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    Question Is there any way to use the Droid with GPS program on a computer?

    Hey folks. virgin on droidforums but extremely familiar with the device itself. I do have one thing that I need an answer to. Can I use the droid as a GPS enabler (or whatever the correct term is...) for a program on my laptop?

    The reason I need to know this is b/c i'm going to go storm chasing next summer in tornado alley and even though I can use GPS on the phone itself, I need to know if I can tether the phone to my laptop and link it in with a program like Microsoft Streets & Trips or (for those familiar with weather applications) GRLevel3 (which does support GPS).

    Forgive me if this is a dumb duestion and if I have to purchase an external device to link in with the laptop then I will but I figured there is some way to do it on the droid then you guys would know.

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    I think you have a couple options.

    AndNav2 - AndNav.org - Android Navigation System
    Is freaking sweet...or, it will be, if they ever get their US server ironed out. The gps and mapping functions are still awesome. You can create map tile files from openstreetmap.org, and store maps on your sd card (for navigating outside of cell service...) It also has a very well integrated gps route-tracing feature, which can upload the gps data to your openstreetmap.org account, and store it on the sd card. Any self respecting gps program on your computer should be able to import gps data at least from the gps data file on the sd card, if not from the OSM website.

    If you get really good at this suff, and wanna start making your own maps (or editing existing ones) Vespucci - osmeditor4android - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Neither of these, really, will enable gps tracing on your laptop...I guess that would save you from importing the gps file from the phone...But you'd need some kind of interface from the computer to the phone's sensors...or a program that can stream data up the usb. Neither of these, I know of, exist...and probably wont until the phone is rooted, at least.


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