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Thread: A Few of My Favorite Apps

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    A Few of My Favorite Apps

    Hey guys and gals! I'm new to these forums. Purchased my Droid on launch day / morning. Here are a few of my favorite apps I've installed and why. Just in case anyone was wondering, "hey, what should I download for my Android device?". Hope this helps a few people at least!

    Advanced Task Manager (manage apps running on the phone in the background, like CtrlAltDel on the PC, you can close apps running that you don't need to free up resources and speed up the phone. Great tool)

    Abduction! World Attack (Insanely fun game)

    Apps Organizer (categorize all your apps then create Shortcuts on your desktops to various categories/icons containing apps/games/multimedia/etc)

    Backgrounds (free, over 8,000 backgrounds optimized for your phones background, categories, popular, new, etc)

    Bartender (a list of tons of drinks. Sort by alcohol type, etc. Tells you how to make and prepare drinks. Great app)

    Buka (fun game)

    Calorie Counter (scan the barcodes of foods you eat daily. Track calories, protein, fiber, sodium, anything. Links with a website to see all your food items, workouts, etc. All free, all awesome)

    CardioTrainer (log your runs, bike rides, etc, via GPS. Race yourself on different trips you take. See what speed you were going at any point in the trip/run/walk/ride. Tons of stats. Free)

    Carrr Matey (find your car whenever you park it. free. awesome. fun).

    Colorix (sweet Tetris like game with awesome graphics)

    Documents To Go

    DroidLive (tons of streaming music, anywhere, anytime)

    Gem Miner (game is addictive like crap, also available on Xbox Live Arcade)

    Gensoid / Nesoid / SNesoid (emulators for all gaming consoles. Find ROMS (games) online easily everywhere to load on the phones SD card and play all the classics)

    Google Sky Map (this will blow you away. Great "show off" app to wow yourself and friends. Free)

    Hyperspace (3D ball rolling platform game, a lot of fun)

    Jetflicks! (this costs like $12 but lets you watch any episode of any season of almost any show. Ive been watching Dexter and it's all in near HD quality on the phone. Audio is crystal clear. If you run this while you're in WiFi, it's outstanding. Haven't tried in 3G network yet)

    Jewellust (makes BeJewelled look like childs play. Addictive like crack. Great graphics, gameplay and sounds)

    Listen (free app that lets you listen to podcast of anything and everything. I get my sports fix on the way to work through my car stereo I've modified to play my Droid through with the car dock)

    MixZing Lite (free music/multimedia player, much better than the included music player on the phone)

    Movies (showtimes, reviews, buy tickets, movie trailers, etc etc, free)

    My Coupons (scan a barcode, if a coupon exists, it finds it. Search by storer/restaurant. Coupon pops up on screen. Store can scan barcode right off the screen of your phone. AWESOME app and free)

    Mystique. Chapter 1 (3D mystery. Free. Scary)

    Pandora (enough said. free)

    PicSay (upgrade to PicSay Pro for $2. BEST APP I'VE EVER USED. It's like Picasa and Photoshop combined that you can use on your phone. Outstanding. Award Winning)

    Places Directory (free Google made app to find places, wherever you're at)

    RemoteDroid (use your Droid as a wireless touchpad and keyboard for any PC/laptop you have on a wireless internet connection. Great show off app. Super resonsive)

    Retro Defense (awesome tower defense game. Addictive as hell)

    Ringdroid (free app to cut sections of MP3's and songs you have on your phone to create custom ringtones of just the parts of songs you want to use. Super easy and super cool)

    Scan2PDF 2.0 (take a picture of a document, it converts it into a high resolution PDF file. Great for scanning items/documents when you don't have a scanner around and sending them as an email attachment from your phone. Use it quite a bit at work)

    ShopSavvy (scan a barcode of any item, shows the prices for it on the web and all stores nearby via GPS. Free. Also, read product reviews. Never pay too much for stuff ever again. Also, impresses the friends)

    Softrace (free. Just check it out. If you're active, you'll love it)

    SportsTap (best score tracking sports app on the Android Marketplace I've tried soo far. Great stuff. Free)

    Totemo (awesome thinking game with great graphics).

    Twidroid PRO (if you use Twitter, this is a must have. Best Twitter app for Android phones)

    WeatherBug (Free weather app)

    What The Doodle? (free beta game. Pictionary anywhere you go. Play against anyone on their Android phone. Get a word, draw it with your finger, the guess correct in the minute you get, you score and they score. Up to 6 people in a game. Fun stuff)

    Where (free. Best app to find places and things to do around you. Reviews for restaurants, movies, outdoor activities. Navigation. Just overall awesomeness).

    WikiMobile (Wikipedia app. Free. Blazing fast)

    WorkItOut (free workout application)
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    Very impressive list. I stole a few from your list!

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    Nice list. Thanks for posting, I picked up a few apps off it.
  4. Droid
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    Motorola Droid, the original!


    What a great list. Thank you!

    My blog - http://www.amarez.com
    My twitter - http://www.twitter.com/amareze
  5. Senior Droid
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    Great list, thanks for the ideas. I have quite a few of them already and I'm going to get some of the others. I'd also add phonemypc, which allows you to operate computers remotely.
  6. Droid
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    +1 to the above!
  7. Junior Droid
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    Motorola Droid

    Got to add to this great list

    Rotary Dialer - An old fashioned rotary phone. Great for when you want to show off your new high tech gadget.

    It will get quite a laugh out of most anyone.

    Plus, it actually does work.

    Car Locator Free - I liked this one better than Carr Matey, which I did try to like, but didn't work well for me.

    Droid48 - an HP 48G calculator emulator. Fantastic.

    Androzip - file manager/ zip file manager

    K-9 Mail - lots and lots better than the stock email app.

    Countdown Timer - just what it says. Simple and just works

    Google Finance - track your stocks

    Alarms by Palmarysoft - control unlimited alarms way better than stock app.
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    Ive had the Droid for less than a week... but a few apps stand out as really useful.

    Pandora is awesome (as mentioned above). Merits saying again.

    Barcode Scanner - pretty neat, especially for books

    Flightstats - great for those who travel a lot

    GolfCard - maybe the coolest app I've bought, GPS range finding, scoring, stats tracking. Uses Google Satellite view of the golf course. Wicked cool.

    MotoTorch - turns the LED flash into a flashlight, strobe, or Morse code.

    Shazam - listens to a sample of music, then tells you song, artist, and album.

    UltraChron - nice stopwatch/timer app with voice countdowns.

    USAToday - Self explanatory, download it if you like USAToday.

  9. Junior Droid
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    Motorola Droid
    Quote Originally Posted by Milehighjc View Post

    UltraChron - nice stopwatch/timer app with voice countdowns.

    Ultrachron is a great app. Thanks.
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    other droid apps i like

    Adv task manager - good for conserving battery, faster than taskiller, adv task killer

    Backrounds - great wallpaper

    Buzzlock - easy sound shut off to vibrate

    Car home - centralized phone, contacts, map and directions

    Digital clock - easy to see digital time and date

    Dock runner - cool alarm clock

    Freecaddie - OK golf app for distance to green only

    Golfcard - Cool golf app for emergencies like your uPro died

    LastFM - Faster and less draining than Pandora

    Mototorch - flashlight, strobe and morse code

    My battery status - quick battery content

    Pkt auctions - mobile Ebay

    Places directory - suggestions for local gas, restaurants etc

    Pro zoom camera - camera app

    Radar app - good to follow weather systems (rain) for golfers etc.

    Spare parts - Settings part 2

    Talk to me - translator

    The Weather channel - less fancy than weather bug but easier to follow

    Trapster - police speed traps etc.

    US traffic - delays in traffic

    USA Today - news, sports etc

    Where - local food, gas etc

    Yellowbook - similar to Where, Places directory

    Youtube - music video
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