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Thread: Fire/EMS apps?

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    Fire/EMS apps?

    I'm looking for a few good apps I can use at work.

    First, I need a good PDF reader I can load the state EMS protocols into. Something that can read the files without internet or cell service. It also needs a good search function and the ability to click links. Any suggestions?

    Also, I need a good scanner app. I just downloaded Scanner Radio but I live in a really rural area and its not surprising that the frequencies for the towns I service arent in here. Any app you can program your own frequencies into?

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    Not sure about the pdf reader but with the scanner try police stream. I use it and it is awesome. There is no way to enter your own frequencies into the droid through an app and have them scanned. The only way you could do that is to use a real scanner, connect it to your computer and stream it through the internet to your droid.

    As far as other fire/ems apps there is an ERG app but it is not worth the time or money. It is faster just to look it up in the book.
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    I have Beam Reader and it is a pretty good app, reads the PDF files just fine and has a slide zoom tool that zooms nice, no pinch/zoom though. It was about $2.

    You need to get a BDA repeater for VZW put in your facility. If your employer has enough VZW business, VZW will put the BDA in for free. I have them in my building at work and the signal is unreal, despite being in a concrete bunker.
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    The droid isn't a scanner. Apps like scannerbuddy simply play feeds from radioreference.com

    Someone from your area would have to hook up a scanner to their computer and submit it to radio reference...
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    try going to radioreference.com and looking at the live feed pages, not sure if the droid will do that (play live feeds on the phone through windows media player). If it will, RR offers the best selection of scanner feeds also if you have a scanner and a computer you dont ever turn off, you can set up your own scanner feed cia ther internet and then (possibly) listen over your droid.

    P.S. - if you try this and it works let me know, please (still waiting on my droid to arrive)
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    pdf files are readable through a native app called quickoffice (also reads word/excel/etc files). You can't open the app directly but if you use a file manager app like Astro or AndExplorer, and navigate to the folder where you have stored the pdf file on your sd card, it will automatically open with quickoffice.

    For radio monitoring, I use an app called police radio -- as others have mentioned, it pulls streams from radioreference.com -- much cleaner and more stable than trying to do it manually with streamfurious.

    On the EMS side, I like epocrates -- lots of reference info (much of it ALS & physician oriented, but still lots of useful info for basics). pubmed mobile also looks interesting but I haven't used it much yet.
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