I've got an HTC Hero since before Christmas. Learned about what not to do the hard way, like don't let phone storage go below 20 MB, as a tech insisted. I had to "reformat" it twice before I realized that fact of life. I have all kinds of room on my SD card, since upgrading it. But after installing a couple of the great apps today I'm down to 16, and there's more that I want to add. I'm making hard decisions about what to uninstall, and it's beginning to hurt. So at the risk of ridicule I gotta ask:

Is there another way to make more room for apps? Such as increasing what the Hero will hold? Or actively linking from the SD card (where several apps are waiting to be installed). Or taking out some other things (if any) besides apps?

Some sizeable apps are rarely used, like CoPilot, but I want them handy when they're needed. Maybe I should keep these uninstalled on the SD card, ready to add, and have a few apps in mind to remove to make room.