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Thread: How to set up google voice for free texting.

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    How to set up google voice for free texting.

    If you have a Google Gmail you have access to Google Voice,
    so the first thing you must do is set up your Google Voice account.
    To get to that page of your Google account follow the instructions below:

    1. Go to your Gmail inbox.

    2. Go to the bottom and click “even more”, you will then be directed to a Google products page.

    3. Find the Voice button and click it.

    4. Choose your phone number.

    5. Create your pin and accept the terms and conditions.

    6. Add the phone number you would like Google Voice calls forwarded to. You can add more than one but if you want to set up free text messages one of them needs to be your mobile number.

    7. Have Google verify your phone number.

    Next download the Google Voice application from the Play store.
    You will send and receive text messages through this interface as opposed to the default text message application on your phone.
    Now that you have your Google Voice account set up and the mobile application on your phone it’s time to configure your Google Voice account to make the magic happen.

    1. Under the gear looking icon on the top right of the page in your Google Voice account click “Settings”. You will then be brought to the page where you manage your external phone numbers.

    2. Click edit under your cellular phone number and you will then be able to configure how texts sent to your Google Voice number are handled.

    3. At the top of this page choose “Phones”.

    4. In the forward calls section be certain that the radio box under “Receive text messages on this phone” is not checked. If it is it will send a text to your cellular number and you will be charged accordingly.

    5. Save your changes.

    You are now ready to drop your texting plan with your carrier and text via your Google voice number. The key here is that you have to be disciplined enough to only give out your Google Voice number, otherwise people who have your regular cell number will continue to text that number and you will be charged texting fees.
    If you plan on implementing this system, I would highly suggest calling your carrier and having them “block” any text messages to your cellular phone number. You don’t want people who already have your cell number texting it, thus creating additional expenses.
    Everyone will not feel comfortable strictly texting via Google Voice and the mobile application, but if you feel you can commit to this system it will save you anywhere from $5 to $30 per month.
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    i think your talking about this page Google - Products
    i don't find voice option here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thahim View Post
    i think your talking about this page Google - Products
    i don't find voice option here.

    Although, I think it's only supposed to be available for US users. Or was.

    For those thinking of going this route, there are a couple important limitations to note.

    1) You can only send 100 sms messages a day. I think you can received unlimited, though.

    2) This does not support mms (ie, a text message with some sort of multimedia attached, like a picture, or audio recording). I don't know how it treats any mms that are sent to you; I think it just drops them, without even letting you know. But I haven't received any (to my knowledge) so I don't know for sure.

    3) Calls routed through your GV number can experience audio lag. Sometimes it's hardly noticeable. Other times, if you're not careful, both parties can end up cutting each other off unexpectedly. It can be... annoying.

    Personally, I save $20 a month through this system, so it's great for me (especially since I rarely text). The audio lag in calls frustrates me, but since my phone is mostly a portable internet station, it doesn't bother me too much. The other features of GV more than make up for the few minor annoyances. In my case.
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    Or you can simply download and install Pinger's TextFree and give that number out for texts only. Just pick a number either based on your location or using an area code you choose and you're done.

    This way, you have your normal voice phone number (which you shut off texting to just like mentioned above), and you have your textfree number. There are no limits to the Textfree program like those on Google Voice texting.

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