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From your home screen:
Press menu
Press search
Press searchable items
Make sure the items you want to be able to search have a green checkmark...
Found my issue
"while launching the praised Motorola DROID, [COLOR=#67AA00 ! important][COLOR=#67AA00 ! important]Verizon[/COLOR][/COLOR] also launched the HTC [COLOR=#67AA00 ! important][COLOR=#67AA00 ! important]Droid[/COLOR][/COLOR] Eris (HTC Hero) with HTC Sense user interface adding an awesome customization to the Android OS. The only drawback I noticed was that this phone debuted with Android version 1.5 while DROID debuted with 2.0 and all other network carriers are running 1.6. This means DROID Eris is lacking Quick Search Box, [COLOR=#67AA00 ! important][COLOR=#67AA00 ! important]VPN[/COLOR][/COLOR], new version of Android Market, among other features. However itís noted that an over the air update will hit this phone soon!"
I see! Glad you found what you were looking for. I have the Moto Droid, so I wasn't sure about this...Couldn't remember if my G1 [Which had the older version of Android] could do that or not.

Sorry I couldn't help!