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Thread: Forget the top 5, list ALL of your apps

  1. Droid Ninja
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    Dec 2009
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    Galaxy Nexus
    Fios Mobile - Able to set up recordings on my Fios DVR when I am not at it. Find out I am gonna work a little late, and not be home by 7PM to see the start of the hockey game? No sweat, few clicks and bam. It also works pretty well if you are just searching for a show/movie, or a basic browser to see what is coming on. I love this app.

    Frozen Bubble - Another puzzle game, kinda like bubble bobble. I haven't really gotten into this one yet. A buddy of mine at work, this is his favorite game.

    Fun Towers - I am not sure what the real name of this is, but I have played this before. A card game, solitaire of sorts. Pretty easy way to kill a few minutes, as the games don't last that long unless you get super lucky and get a good streak going. A lot of my other games take a short while.

    'oid lites - Emulators for whatever system is before the oid. I don't use these that often, but purchasing one or two of these in the future probably wouldn't be out of the question. Playing other games though.

    Gmote - Control music and movies and stuff on my computer, from my phone. Don't really use this that often, but cool thing to show off.

    Google Goggles - Tried it a few times, and it failed everything I tried it on.

    Google Sky Map - Fun to show off what it can do.

    Grid Droid - Another mToy game. Kinda like creating a circuit of sorts, but it is all busted up and you have to figure out how it goes. Lots of levels, pretty good if you are into this sort of stuff. Personally not as into this one as I am a couple of other by mToy.

    Handcent SMS - The majority of my use of the phone aspect of this is done through texting. My texting is done through Handcent. Another one of my most used apps.

    Hearts - Card game by the same name. Good game if you are into the game. Easy to play a few hands just to kill a couple minutes.

    Home++ - A home replacement app. A little buggy I guess, and has some features I would like implemented that aren't yet. Currently I am not running it, but up until roughly a week ago I had used it and loved it. I rooted my phone and have been trying some of the custom ROMs and themes.

    Jewels - Bejeweled, a puzzle game where the screen is full of different jewles. Match up 3 or more in a row, they disappear and more drop from the top. Love this game, in any format I can get it. This was my most played game on my previous phone, along with a tetris clone.

    Layar - A reality browser, which to me is kinda pointless, probably going to uninstall it. Cool to show off though I guess.

    LEDs Hack - Disables the LEDs for rooted users. I tried it, it worked, never used it again. Probably will uninstall this.

    Metamorph - A way to apply custom themes to your phone once rooted. I haven't messed witht his yet as I have been happy with the ROM themes I have found.

    Mototorch LED - LED flashlight, this has come in handy in more than one instance.

    Opensudoku - A bunch of Sudoku puzzles. I like them, almost finished them all alredy though.

    Pair up - A puzzle game matching 2 like pieces, trying to clear the board. Not too bad. I haven't given this one a lot of time yet though.

    Pandora - Pandora radio

    Papi*insert game* - I have 4 of these catch, jump, missile, river. Simple small takes on other games. Although they are quite fun.

    Phit Droid series - Another mToy game, this is probably my favorite one. There are like 4 of these. Basically you get a number of shapes and have to use those shapes, without rotating them to fit into a shape.

    Power Manager - I don't really use the app, but I use the widget to toggle settings. I like the aesthetics of this one compared to most other toggle widgets.

    Ringdroid - I personally prefer to edit the songs on my computer, to create the ringtone. But this works, if I get bored and get the idea for a ringtone and have the song on my phone. I have the option.

    Robo Defense - A tower defense game. Yes...another game, but this one is great. This should come stock with the phone

    SetCPU - Overclock, or underclock the CPU of the Droid. Cool I guess, haven't really experienced much real difference though.

    Shapewriter keyboard - A swiping keyboard. This is ok, not extremely fond of it though.

    Shazam - Play it a part of a song, it tells you who it is and what song it is. Pretty great stuff.

    Shop Savvy - Barcode scanner that can scan QRs, but it is also used to find cheaper prices for things. I have saved a few dollars with this app.

    Solitaire - Solitaire the card game, a few varieties of it. Good stuff.

    Spades - Spades the card game, not bad. But I swear my partner in the game has the mental capacity of the creator of the iPad ( ). Really he bids nil, and then ends the round with taking 8 cards.

    Surveyor - It can measure the distance between 2 objects, roughly. Not 100% accurate, but kinda cool. Very pointless app though, but fun to show off.

    Tricorder - A app that use the Star Trek thing, and uses all the sensors on the phone to make readings.

    TuneWiki - Mp3 player. I have rolled back to the stock player as the stock player's widget is black, and tunewiki's is gray.

    Voice - Google Voice app.

    WordUp! - A square of random letters, and you have to find words in there by connecting the letters. This game is a fun way to kill a couple minutes.

    Yellowbook - Online phonebook basically. Good stuff.

    Swype - Keyboard that allows swiping gestures. My favorite way to input text, especially in portrait mode.
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  2. Droid Ninja
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    Jan 2010
    Traffic Capital
    48 times
    Tbolt, Rezound & Nexus 7
    XScope - Browser
    Dolphin - Browser
    Handsent - SMS
    Astrid - Notes or TO DO list
    Droid Live- Radio
    Pandora - Radio
    AndroLib - Wallpapers
    National Geographic - Wallpapers
    Screen - Wallpapers
    PICSAY - Photo editor
    Photoshop Mobile - Photo editor
    ShopSavy - Barcode scanner
    Google Goggles - Everything scanner
    Shazam - Music ID tool
    Aloqua - Local GPS search tool, gas stations, clubs, restaraunts anything
    Easy Money - Checkbook, finances, etc
    Docs to Go - Word docs, Pdfs, etc
    Droid Light - Flash light
    Body Fitness - Exercise App, almost like IPHONE's IFITNESS
    Flixters- Movies listing will full trailers
    1CAST - Video News
    USA Today - General news
    TWC(the weather channel)
    Talk To Me - Voice or text language translation tool
    ES File Explorer
    Light Racer 3D - TRON 3d GAME
    Toonwars 3D - 1st person shooter
    Iron Sight 3D-Battlemech Turn Based
    Flight Director
    Robo Defense
    Wave Racer 3D
    Raging Thunder 3D
  3. Rescue Squad
    Jonny Kansas's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Michigan's Upper Peninsula
    13 times
    Galaxy S4
    Premium Member
    Oh man...I probably should've tidied up before doing this, but here it goes...

    -Abduction! World Attack [Use the motion sensor to make it to the top. Cheesy, but fun.

    -AK Notepad

    -Apps Organizer [Make custom folders and etc.]

    -Astro file manager [Edit things more like you do while connected to the computer.]

    -Battery Left Widget

    -Beautiful Widgets

    -Better Cut

    -Bloo [THE Facebook app to use...if you care.]

    -Bubble [a level]

    -CalWidget [Simple agenda widget with nice custimization. Thinking of purchasing PureCalendar]

    -Carrr Matey [Use GPS to find your car in a crowded lot]

    -Chuck Norris Jokes

    -I think it's called "mathpad," but it shows up as com.mathpad.mobile.android in the manage applications list...It's a converter for measurements.

    -Date Widget [Uninstalling RIGHT now, since I have purchased beautiful widgets]

    -DroidLight [Official Moto app for using the camera LEDs as a flashlight]

    -Ethereal Dialpad [Make funky music...You've just gotta try it out. I can't describe it and do it justice...]

    -FireWallet (Registered) [Banking app. I use it like a checkbook register, but it also has the ability to setup budgets, which I'm in the process of figuring out.]

    -Frozen Bubble [A marble-esque game]
    -Frozen Bubble Level Editor [to make levels for FB]

    -Gallery [the 2.1 apk]

    -Google Sky Map

    -Hangman Classic

    -Hi MSN


    -iBox icons 1, 2, & 3 [Icon packs for use with BetterCut/Apps Organizer]

    -Krumbler [A beta app not available in the market. Use GPS to leave a "krumb," then other users can see it] Meta-data in the real word : Krumbler

    -Labyrinth Lite



    -NewsRob [Google Reader]

    -Phone Tools [Moto Portal. Take control of your music, pics, contacts, and more via WiFi connection to your computer. Even send SMS from your browser. Nothing to download on the computer. Totally browser based. Check it out!] http://www.droidforums.net/forum/dro...-via-wifi.html


    -Picsay Pro

    -Pkt Auctions eBay



    -Power Search


    -Shoot U! (Lite)


    -Simply Draw [Drawing app supporting multitouch!]

    -Speaking Pad

    -Steamy Window


    -Timer [From the dev of Home++, a simple "egg-timer" app with very nice features!]

    -Where's My Droid

    -WiFi OnOff Donate [Using the power control widget now and wish I hadn't paid for this, but it's all good because they make great products!]

    -Xbox360 Icons [Another Icon pack]

    -Zedge [Ringtones and Wallpapers in one great app! Lots of updates and improvements since I originally downloaded this.]
  4. Master Droid
    backlash's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Galaxy S III(white)
    1337pwn - xbox 360 app that will let you know what friends are online
    Advanced Task killer free - kill tasks
    Amazon - self explanatory
    Astro - file manager
    backrounds - tons of backrounds to choose from
    barcode scanner -scan a barcode in the store, and it searches online at different stores for the cheapest price, quite handy
    Bartender - Drink recipes
    Bubble - It's a level
    Currency converter - Self explanatory
    Droidlive lite - Internet radio.........which includes getting the Howard Stern show...who is on serius/xm
    multitouch gallery - self explanatory
    Google Goggles - Take a pic, and it searches the web for that product/item
    Home Switcher.........for when I had Home++ installed
    I am McLovin soundboard - I use some of these tones as notification tones for emails, sms etc etc
    K-9Mail - I use this for my yahoo mail accounts
    Last.fm - Internet radio, although it seems to be edited for the droid, no explicit lyrics
    maps - I think this was pre installed on the phone, but it's google maps
    Missed call - LED notifications (6-8 different LED colors) for missed calls, emails, sms, etc etc etc
    MotoTorch LED - Uses the onboard camera flash as a flashlight, also does S.O.S. codes
    My Verizon - Check my verizon usage
    Pandora - Internet radio, explicit lyrics y0
    Photo Safe - Lets you "hide" photos on your phone
    PicSay - Lets you edit pictures taken on your phone, as well as upload to various places
    Pixelpipe Lite - I use this to upload pics to my photobucket account
    Pkt Auctions Ebay - self explanatory
    Ringdroid - Allows you to use ANY mp3 on your phone as a ringtone, lets to custom edit it
    Shazam - It listens to a song playing, and will give you the artist/song name, works well.
    Swype - texting app, never lift your finger while using the virtual keyboard. I've grown to like it a lot.
    Timeriffic - Set ring volume, notification volume, wifi, airplane mode settings, all by time.
    Toggle Settings - One touch toggles for tones and modes on the phone
    Unit Converter - Will convert almost anything for you
    Weather Widgets free - Allows you to place a weather widget on any of your screens, 3 different sizes. Although I have read that the latest update has crazy adds. A lot of people use "beautiful Widgets", which is a paid app.
    Wheres My Droid - Send "Wheres My Droid" via text message to your phone, if you have lost it, and it will ring for the specified amount of time you set. The phone will ring even if it's on silent. Alternatively you can send "GPS My Droid", and it will give you the location, GPS must be on though. You can change those two keywords to whatever you want.
    Directv - So I can set my DVR from my phone, have not used it yet though.
    Zedge ringtones - Free ringtones, I d/l the ones I wanted, moved them to a "ringtones" folder, deleted Zedge. I noticed it was hogging a lot of resources.
    All the above apps are free, there are some nicer paid apps, but I've found that I can live with out them. Meh.
  5. Senior Droid
    LassieGal's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Outside Atlanta, GA
    1 times
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon)
    Aldiko - Great e-book reader; using it for Cranford and some Jeeves & Wooster stories.
    AndChat - Used this in the car coming home from MIL house one night to chat with friends.
    Astric - Okay task manager. If anyone knows a better freebee let me know
    Barcode Scanner
    Carrr Matey - locates car in parking lot.
    Christmas Radio - All sorts of stations which play Christmas music year round.
    Christmas Wallpaper - also has winter wallpaper, which is why I'm still using it.
    Dock Runner - Simulates dock mode.
    Droid Coupons - online coupons; do stores actually take these things? I've never tried it.
    DroidLight - Makes a light out of your camera flash; great for unlocking the combo lock to the back yard when you've forgotten to turn the light on.
    Fandango - See movie times.
    Goggles - Haven't used this much; hear it's good.
    Local Shops
    Local Search - both for finding local businesses.
    Pandora - music.
    Quick Alarm - like a nap timer; a little quirky, but it usually works.
    QuickTip Tip Calculator
    Text Edit - Very simple text document creator.
    US Traffic - Gives me traffic reports in major cities
    Voice Memo - Records...duh...voice memos...

    I also have the BatteryLife widget, which I love.
  6. Banned
    Matth3w's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Fort Huachuca, AZ (Originally from Pittsburgh, PA)
    2 times
    Bugless Beast 2.1 ROM @ 1.1GHz
    updated my app list
  7. Droid
    Shad0w325's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
    Columbus, OH
    Motorola Droid
    Frequently used/Recommended apps in BOLD.

    AdFree Android
    AK Notepad
    ASTRO File Manager
    Barcode Scanner
    Beautiful Widgets (Definitely one of my favorite apps. It's even skinnable now so you can make your own skins or use one from the download section. I also use the Plane Mode, Silent, and Vibrate controls.)
    Bubble (Supposed to increase response when changing from portrait to landscape mode. Haven't really noticed a difference.)
    Dolphin Browser
    Gameboid Lite
    GBCoid Lite
    Gearoid Lite
    Gensoid Lite
    Google Goggles
    Google Map Address Book
    Google Sky Map
    GPS Status (Makes your GPS more accurate by calibrating your GPS)
    Handcent SMS (Hands down the best SMS app for the Droid.)
    Home++ (Mainly using this because of the Power Strip at the bottom. This should be a standard feature on the Droid, but sadly it isn't.)
    Jewels (Bejeweled clone. Great for wasting time when your bored.)
    Key Ring (Works great for hand held scanners. Doesn't work on the "Self Checkout" flatbed scanners)
    Last.fm (I prefer this to Pandora only by a hair, but it seems to match music better)
    Linda File Manager
    Linpak for Android
    Listen (Pushes podcasts to your Android)
    Missed Call
    MotoTorch LED (One of my favorite apps. I use the widget on my main home screen)
    Nesoid Lite
    Not Call Log (Instead of going to your call log after an outgoing call, this app can make it go to the home screen instead.)
    Pandora (I switch off between this and Last.fm)
    PdaNet (Don't really use this anymore since I have Wifi Tether.)
    Photoshop Mobile
    Pure Grid Calender Widget
    Robo Defense Free
    SetCPU (Currently OC'd to 950MHz)
    Shazam (Listens to a song and tell you what it is. I've used this on many occasions. )
    Skype (Beta) (I'm really not sure why there isn't a good Skype app out yet. This is good for IMing, but voice calls do not work yet.)
    SNESoid Lite
    Spare Parts (Lets you access more settings)
    Weather Widgets + Forecast Addon (Had before the new Beautiful Widgets, but I like the new look of BW much more.)
    Wifi Tether (Amazing app that lets you wirelessly tether your Droid. I'm running Sholes.info 1.2 ROM and it works amazing. Even has WEP and Access Control.)

    As you can tell, I love Emulators. I have a bunch of ROMs for each Emu and they run amazing on the Droid. I mainly use ASTRO for file managing, but the others I have (Linda, AndroZip) are for Metamorph.
  8. Droid
    radioz's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
    Are you guys creating these lists manually, or is there some way to get a list of installed apps into a text file?

    (Keep those apps coming!)
  9. Droid Ninja
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    Jan 2010
    Traffic Capital
    48 times
    Tbolt, Rezound & Nexus 7
    Quote Originally Posted by radioz View Post
    Are you guys creating these lists manually, or is there some way to get a list of installed apps into a text file?

    (Keep those apps coming!)

    maaaaan i typed all that crap in myself.
  10. Banned
    Matth3w's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Fort Huachuca, AZ (Originally from Pittsburgh, PA)
    2 times
    Bugless Beast 2.1 ROM @ 1.1GHz
    Yeah gotta type it out, lol.
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