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Thread: Will Handcent fix my issues?

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    Will Handcent fix my issues?

    I currently have an LG VX11000 but played with a Droid at the local Verizon store. I noticed a few issues that pertain to SMS and MMS that are currently keeping me from making the switch to the new phone.

    1.) When I sent the Droid a picture message with sound, it received the MMS as some kind of slide show. Meaning I saw the picture in the thread, but it was covered with a "play" button. Upon clicking the button, the audio will play, but displays a black screen during the audio playback. If I send the same message to majority of my Verizon friends, they hear the audio while seeing the picture with no issue. That kinda bugs me because I like to save the audio and pictures sometimes that get sent to me.

    2.) On my enV Touch, and almost all Verizon non-smart phones, I can send and receive texts over 160 characters to/from Verizon subscribers with no issues. However the BB Storm had a cap at 160 characters for all sms messages regardless of recipients carrier. Yet I believe it could receive texts over 160 characters. Not really sure. How does the Droid handle them?

    3.) I can change font style, color, and background color by using the "Format Text" option in an SMS to a Verizon non-smart phone. I believe this is called EMS. Is this available on the Droid?

    Please let me know if there is a native way to do any of this on the Droid, or if Handcent can fix these issues. I am not happy about the MMS and Hancent issue currently going on, but I need some kind of solution that allows me to hear audio at the same time as seeing a picture. Also allowing me the option to save both audio/picture to the sd card. Hope I'm not being too picky or complicated .

    I appreciate it
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    Handcent can auto split messages at 160 so you can send as many messages as you want and it will actually split them automatically.

    EMS has been replaced mainly by mms. And the droid does have MMS issues for sure. The slideshow thing kinda makes me mad too.


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