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Thread: Market apps aren't showing via new phone

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    Question Market apps aren't showing via new phone

    Let me try to explain this... I have no idea what is going on.

    I am a Motorola Droid user (A855) and recently received a replacement phone from Verizon due to a hardware problem with my old Droid. (and I just posted on another thread about this the other day.)

    I am not rooted... never have been. Running Android 2.2.2 (phone says my system is up to date.) Build number FRG83G.

    The phone arrived in great shape - no issues mechanically or using it for voice calls. It's a refurb (certified.) But when I went to re-download and install all of the apps I used to have on my other phone, I notice that two of the apps I used to have just aren't showing up in the Android Market. They're just... gone! The two apps that I want that aren't there are Netflix and Lookout Mobile Security. There may be more but those are the only two that I noticed are missing... or... don't notice.

    Initially I thought that they were just taken off the market temporarily or something of the sort. I know Netflix is fairly new, but it was working just fine on my phone before I had to get the new one. But then as I was preparing to box up the other Droid, I wanted to go back into it to make extra sure that I wiped it clean of ALL of my data. So I took the battery out of the new phone, put it in my old one (not the memory card) and proceeded to inspect the phone to be sure it was clean.

    Sure enough, it was fine, but for the heck of it, I connected to my Wi-Fi and went into the market just to see if the two apps I mentioned would show up... AND THEY DID!!! ??? What?!!?

    So, I downloaded and installed Netflix onto the other (original) phone and it worked. All I typed in the search field was "Netflix" and it was the top result. When I do that on the newer phone, it will not appear as a search result! I can't find it.

    Same thing goes for Lookout when I did the search, but I did not download it. I just erased the Netflix app (never logged in) and wiped the phone clean again.

    Now I'm totally confused. I set the older phone aside, once I finished erasing everything off of it, I put the battery back into my newer phone and went to settings/privacy/factory data reset and wiped it from there. I even did a hard reset, cleaned it all out completely and then started over from the beginning - hoping it was some fluke. Although I was able to install of the essential apps that I use everyday (Google Voice, Pageonce, Chase, Dropbox, et al) I still cannot get the Netflix or Lookout apps to appear in the Market. There might be other apps that aren't showing up but I don't use or want those... or, I just don't know what they are since I can't see them.

    Does this make any sense at all to anyone?! (it doesn't to me.) Does anyone know how or why this might be happening? I've spent the better part of a whole day trying to figure this out on my own and, as far as I can tell, there doesn't seem to be any similar issues from other users on here or the web.
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    I have seen a similar issue.

    I have read that the NEW market has a compatibility feature that shows you if your phone is compatible with new apps. It appears to me that the apps that are considered incompatible just don't show up.

    Go to the market online and it will show you the apps you're looking for, and it will show you your current devices and whether or not the apps are compatible.

    For the record, it makes absolutely no sense. I can't see the dollar bank app in the market from my phone, the online market says it's incompatible.

    I have the dollar bank app installed because a very kind young lady from the forum installed it on her device, backed it up via titanium backup, and emailed me the files.
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    Thanks for the reply and info, pool_shark.

    To me, this is just really strange and confusing. I can only assume that the replacement phone I received, which I believe is supposed to be identical to the one it's replacing, has some different sort of hardware under the hood. ??? I guess that's the only reason this would happen. Both of those apps worked and ran just fine on my 1st phone.

    Oh well... not a big loss. Netflix on my phone wasn't really a necessity - but it sure was fun while it lasted. I do miss my lookout mobile security app a lot. My account keeps reminding me that I haven't done a backup in a while and I kind of relied on it for added insurance in case something were to happen to my phone. It looks like I'm gonna have to look for an alternate application. *sigh*


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