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Thread: Facebook - Android vs iPhone

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    Facebook - Android vs iPhone

    I've had an iPod touch since the first gen was released, so I guess I got spoiled by how feature filled the iphone version of the facebook is... I haven't really used my ipod in a long time though because I don't like carrying two devices in my pocket...

    So I got the droid and it's missing so much... I got out my ipod, updated it, and loaded them up side by side and wow, the iphone app is really nice now!

    what they share:

    news feed (although the new live feed is not built in)

    what the iphone has on top of that:

    -inbox (including inbox, sent and updates)
    -adding favorites to the second home screen
    -ability to see comments, add to comments right in the app
    -notifications have links right in them to the person's profile, and the update itself (ie the word status is linked to that particular status just as if you are on the facebook site)

    I wonder why the android app is not exactly like the iphone app, they are both made by facebook, correct?
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    I have to agree, even the Storm's FB app is better than the Droid's. Maybe an update to come?
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    Your right, I was thinking that today how FB wasn't that good on my Droid. Thats the one thing that was better on my storm!

    anyone know of any good FB apps out that are better than what we have pre installed??
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    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this or not, however, if you go to Facebook in the Droid Browser you can scroll all the way to the bottom and find options for "Mobile Site", "Touch Site", and "Full Site". When switched to "Full Site" the only thing that I've found that I don't have great access to is chat. It can be done, but it's kind of a pain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dream View Post
    I have to agree, even the Storm's FB app is better than the Droid's. Maybe an update to come?

    It was better on the Storm after the update though. I'm sure there will be an update to bring the Droid up to par with the others
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    Yeah seeing as the phone has been out 2 weeks, developers need alil time to do what they were already working on and to write new code for a program, i would say by the end of december just about every app will have been updated to 2.0 and most will have functionality of, if not more then most other phones.
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