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Thread: Need Help on serious App for WIFI!!

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    Need Help on serious App for WIFI!!

    I work for a company of roughly 80k users (giant technology company you've heard of) and about one third of these folks are experimenting with the Droid in one way shape or form to use as a business line phone. Due to our security policy, the ONLY way for an Android (or any other phone for that matter) to get connected to one of our networks to sync Exchange email is thru our local WIFI. (and synching email would be the only way this phone would be a viable busines option) BYW iPhone cant do it properly either, haha. Most users even have our Wifi at home thru a business class teleworker program, so, same issue.

    Here's where the problem is and where I thought the famous Android Dev guys could seriously help. There is a file in etc/wifi/ called wpa_supplicant.conf which needs to be able to be modified, either thru an application or a new wifi interface. (pardon my ignorance if this file exists in more than one place...it's just where I found it on my moto droid) You see, on our wifi, we use an EAP authentication with 802.1x that requires both a username AND a password, not just a password like every other wifi app out there. How difficult would it be option 1) to provide a file editor that allows us to add our network entry to this file as follows:


    or Option 2) provide a new WIFI APP with an interface that allows a username and password to be entered so we can connect? If you could make this happen, it would mean potentially thousands of DLs just from this one company

    Hope this all make sense. feel free to contact me with any questions.
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    This functionality is built in already. Just select 802.1X Enterprise as the security type for the SSID when setting up the network profile.
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    Been There Done that

    Thanks. Once past the credential storage password, the rest seems to work.
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