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Thread: [App][2.2+][Free/Paid] Next Nexus Live Wallpaper

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    Thumbs up [App][2.2+][Free/Paid] Next Nexus Live Wallpaper


    Simply beautiful live wallpaper inspired by the default Nexus Live Wallpaper.
    Create your very own unique live wallpaper with tons of customization to play with.

    Try FREE (No Ads) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....lwp.nexusfree

    Buy PRO: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...adev.lwp.nexus

    Make your own background combination with setting for:
    - Background color
    - Background gradient mode (solid, linear gradient, linear gradient flip, radial gradient and aurora)
    - Background pattern (11 available for now)
    - Background pattern color and opacity
    - Dynamic color mode for aurora gradient

    Custom Background
    Aside from 11 background pattern we provide, you can also pick an image from your gallery to be the background pattern.

    There are 3 types of particles group on this live wallpaper:
    - General particles which is the particles that moving and animating around the screen,
    - Touch particles which is appear when you touch the screen
    - Glitter particles which is appear when you swipe across the screen.

    General Particles
    There are 3 general particles group. You can control pretty much everything about these particles, both appearance and animation style. For general particles, each of particles group, you can customize:
    - Amount of the particles
    - Color of the particles (one color or mixed color)
    - Overall Size
    - Head Type (square, triangle, star, circle, hexagon, shuriken)
    - Head Opacity
    - Tail Opacity
    - Tail Length
    - Glow Opacity
    - Glow Size
    - Animation style (moving, growing, grow and move)
    - Growing position (random, center point, nine points, circle, heart shape, bio-hazard, X symbol, etc)
    - Growing speed
    - Duration
    - Moving direction (Down, Up, Left, Right, Vertical, Horizontal, Mixed)
    - Rotation mode (Mixed, Clockwise, Counter Clockwise, No Rotation)
    - Rotation speed

    With so many setting, you probably wondering what combination is the best. Don't worry, we have pick up 21 different beautiful combination as a "Themes" in the setting. You should check them up

    User Custom Themes
    Got a awesome setting combination? Don't worry. You can save it as user custom theme. You have unlimited slot for saving custom theme.

    Custom Setting Code
    Want to share you setting? Go to custom setting code, and copy your unique setting code. Share it wherever you want. User who have the code can simply paste and apply it to his/her Next Nexus Live Wallpaper PRO.

    Other Features
    - Smooth animation
    - Portrait and landscape support
    - Tablet support
    - MoveToSD support
    - Touch interactivity
    - Future update for more pattern and more themes

    If you like cool nexus style wallpaper, then this would be the best Nexus live wallpaper for you =)

    To open and setting up your live wallpaper: Home-> Press menu-> wallpapers-> Live Wallpapers.


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