We would like to announce support for the MIT Kerberos and GSS-API libraries and the CyaSSL embedded SSL library for the Android platform. We have just finished a port of MIT Kerberos to Android as well as the development of an org.ietf.jgss (RFC 5653) compatible Java GSS-API layer. All project code has been released under the open source MIT license, with example client/server applications as well as a sample Android NDK application.

Please see our release blog post for complete details:

MIT Kerberos GSS-API with CyaSSL Now Available for Android

Source code can be found in the following GitHub repositories:

kerberos-java-gssapi: http://github.com/cconlon/kerberos-java-gssapi
kerberos-android-ndk: http://github.com/cconlon/kerberos-android-ndk

We are interested in hearing feedback from the community and are excited to see where the project goes from here. Please feel free to contact us at info@yassl.com with any questions or comments.

Best Regards,