LOL, who doesn't

Anyway, I have been noticing in the news, TONS of police being video/audio recorded. They aren't fond of that . . . so in certain cases, the person gets arrested and the audio/video goes missing. Strange how that happens, huh?

Is there a way to stream my audio (or video) to a server (I use/rent/host)?

So if the actual phone is lost/destroyed - the audio/video is already on a remote server.

I have a DROID X, and have used the Droid FTP to move things, so it it can't be done directly, perhaps it could be done in stages.

Any help on the feasibility of this idea is most welcome.

BTW, yeah, the police grabbed me on 7/14/11, cuffed for 26 minutes, detained for 50 over my lawful presence and legal activity (target shooting on a friend's property). Naturally, the police told a completely different story, acted like JBTs and are basically thugs with badges.