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Thread: [TOOL][Android:1.6+]ChargeDroid, Helps you plug your charger in

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    [TOOL][Android:1.6+]ChargeDroid, Helps you plug your charger in

    [What is it]
    I have created a tool to help users find where their charge port is that way, when say for instance it's dark and your about to go to bed and can't see the side of your phone, you don't end up having to stab the side of the phone over and over again.

    [How it Does it]

    It does this by model, however because I don't have more than 4 different android devices I need the help of the community. (According to the market, my app supports over 800 devices... )

    [What I Need]

    I'm here to ask you to look at my app and use it if you like it, buy the paid verision if you like it and me , and most importantly... Help me ad as many models as possible!

    I would love for feedback (don't hurt my feelings too much! )

    [How to do it]

    When you get it, and you don't have a Droid 2, Droid 3, Droid RAZR, or Kindle Fire Simply press Menu > Submit Phone/Tablet
    Then, find your charge port and see which letter number combination is best aligned with it.
    Type in your phone's Model.
    Type in that Letter-Number pair.
    Hit submit.
    And Hope I can add it as soon as possible!

    (I will happily Give thanks to you in this post and hopefully a Thank you section of the app something in the future, simply PREFIX your model with your user here and continue as normal, OR PM me here after submitting your model with the pair you gave)

    NOTE: you may only submit once per phone, if you need to submit multiple times... PM me here

    Feedback: Email me at support@DeadChexDev.com or PM me
    Download Via Market: http://market.android.com/developer?pub=DeadChex
    Or just search "DeadChex" On the market and you should see all of my apps!


    Via XDA - [TOOL][Android:1.6+]ChargeDroid, Helps you plug your charger in - xda-developers
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    Oct 2011
    yz.hd - First Feedback
    slow23 - HTC Desire
    MemoryControler - Galaxy S II
    Icculus760 - Droid Bionic and AMAZING Feedback and Suggestions!

    Current Version: 3.6

    We now have a Widget that launches the Remembered model from the Home Screen! Check it out!

    Phone/Tablets Added-
    Acer Iconia Tab
    Asus Transformer
    Atrix 4G
    AT&T Captive
    Droid Bionic
    Droid Charge
    Droid 2
    Milestone 2
    Droid 3
    Milestone 3
    Droid RAZR
    Motorola RAZR
    Droid Incredible
    Droid X
    Droid X2
    EVO Shift 4G
    HTC Desire
    HTC Desire HD
    HTC Desire Z
    HTC Doubleshot
    HTC Thunderbolt
    HTC Sensation
    HTC Evo 3D
    HTC Evo 4G
    HTC HD2
    HTC G2
    HP Touchpad
    Huawei IDEOS X5
    Ideos X5
    Galaxy Nexus
    Galaxy S i9000
    Galaxy S II
    Galaxy S II Skyrocket
    Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Kindle Fire
    LG Optimus 2X
    Nexus S
    myTouch 4G Slide
    Nook Color
    Photon 4G
    Samsung Continuum
    Samsung Charge
    Samsung Captive
    Samsung Intercept
    Samsung Epic 4G
    Samsung Epic 4G Touch
    Sidekick 4G
    T-Mobile Sidekick 4G
    Xperia Arc
    Xperia Play
    Xperia Mini Pro
    Xperia X10
    ZTE Blade
    ZTE Score

    (And...hopefully more with your help!)

    50 Models! Keep it up guys!
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    Oct 2011
    Thanks to the community We've been able to accumulate over 20 phones, But I would Like to have many many more!

    If you tried it, Please Post back with at least some feed back. Thank you!
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    Android 2.1
    Cool app

    -AqworldThunder ^Ö^ ∂.∂ *.* Thank me if i helped please!
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    Quote Originally Posted by aqworldthunder View Post
    Cool app

    -AqworldThunder ^…^ ∂.∂ *.* Thank me if i helped please!
    Thank you


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