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Thread: am I crazy for trying to do this?

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    am I crazy for trying to do this?

    I have started to look at tutorials for making am android app but I am confused. I want to make an app that will look up prices in a database. The database is currently in Excel. I have 7 columns with data. Column A has product ID in number format, Column B has Cost, Columns C-G all have various prices. The prices are not related to each other in excel nor is the cost related to the prices in excel (don't ask why, I didn't set up the spreadsheet). Row 1 has all the headers.

    I would like to set up an app with 2 screens.

    screen 1 would have 1 selection box (drop down) that allowed you to select a product. And a 2nd selection box to select what price level you want (from row headers). There would be a field that would be populated by the price. For example, if product 88209010 and 4lv were selected (box 1 and box 2 accordingly) then the field would populate with: $26.49.

    screen 2 would have 1 selection box that the product can be selected in and 6 fields that correspond to all the price headers to be populated.

    The database needs to be up-datable with a new spreadsheet every time we have a price increase. I would like to be able to upload a new spreadsheet to replace the current.

    I would also like a quit button.

    I may be able to figure this out in Excel, but that apps to run excel spreadsheets eat more resources. also, I am having trouble without using VBA.

    Can I do this as a stand alone app? can you recommend a good tutorial for learning how to make one? I have tried the one on google and can't seem to find examples of what I want to do.

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    If you are serious about developing Android apps, forget what you know about windows development and just concentrate on making a simple Android app. Go to android.com and download the sdk and do a tutorial or two. Once you have a couple of apps under your belt you can come back to this. But you won't be able to use and access database without a lot of work so you may also want to learn about sql as well.
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