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Thread: Screen shut-off with vehicle dock...

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    I have the Moto dock as well, (there are very few other options at this stage of the game) and it doesn't keep the screen on by default. You have to enable it in the settings, and the option is to "keep screen on when charging". That's specifically why I got Dockawake, because the droid only stays on in the dock because it's charging, not because it senses the dock magnets. That's also why it won't stay on with the moto car dock, since it doesn't charge it as well.

    I didn't like the idea of my droid screen staying on all night every night and just running for no reason while it's charging, but I did want it to stay on while it was docked at my desk in the moto dock, which is why I got Dockawake.
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    Ahhh...I stand corrected. Your post jogged the old memory and I do now recall setting the charging option. DockAwake make perfect sense to me now. I use the dock as you do and will likely get DockAwake also. I don't use it as a clock, and just shut the screen off at night. With my memory this app is apparently just what I need.
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    'Bright Dock' is free, accomplishes same thing

    found this thread, I wasn't happy with KeepScreen as I didn't want my phone to stay lit when only plugged in, not in a dock.

    DockAwake seemed like exactly what I was looking for, but I did happen upon a free app 'Bright Dock' that works well for me.

    It disables the auto-off when in the dock, and optionally only disables it if you are in a 'charging' dock - eg if your dock is plugged into you pc, and you shut the pc down, you phone will still timeout & not kill the battery.

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    Can someone tell me, does this "Bright Dock" solution work for Razr Maxx? And, anyone with corporate e-mail that has to put in a PIN after screen timeout, does it keep the screen on even with the mandatory corporate security applied? (Outlook Exchange or LotusLive)
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