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Thread: looking for a case that doesn't allow dust or dirt between case and Moto Droid

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    looking for a case that doesn't allow dust or dirt between case and Moto Droid

    I plan on picking up a Moto Droid soon, possibly even today. I am an electrician and plan on keeping my Droid in my pocket. This will be my first smart phone.

    I am looking for a case that doesn't trap dust or dirt between it and the phone. I feel that will only increase the chances of phone getting scratched. Several years ago I worked for a company that issued me a Nextel phone that had a leather case and clear plastic cover sewn to the front and a belt clip on the back. I'm sure you've all seen cases of this type. Anyway, the plastic screen of the phone got so hazy and cloudy due to the plastic cover rubbing against the phone screen.

    I also want a case that doesn't have a protective screen on the front. I plan on using a screen protector. Although not the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD, as I have one on my Garmin 60CSx and don't feel the tacky feeling on the outside would lend well with a touch screen. Plus, it has an orange peel look to it. I want something smooth. Not sure which one to get, as ZAGG is the only one I've had experience with. I don't really want a bunch of trial and error stuff going on here. Although, I'm wondering if the lack of front screen built into the case allows too much dust or dirt in, thus increasing the problem I am trying to avoid.

    I have three coworkers that use the Otterbox Defender case for their iPhones. They seem to love them. Though, they are not made for the Droid.

    What are you heavy duty work with your hands type of people doing to protect your Droids? Will it be necessary to remove the case everyday to clean out the dust that gets in?

    I was thinking of getting the full invisisbleSHIELD setup for the protection on the back of the DROID, but using a different screen protector than the ZAGG product. That way whatever stuff got in between the case and phone wouldn't have a chance to scuff up the phone.
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    I have the Motorola Droid. I bought a snap on gel cover from the Verizon store. I drive tow trucks for a living and this case win a screen protector keeps everything out. I've also used the Body Glove case that worked pretty well.
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    I do similar work - install cctv,alarms, audio systems, etc.., so I'm always in dusty environments pulling wires, cutting out sheetrock. I've been using the Otter box commuter series case:

    DROID by Motorola Commuter Series Case // OtterBox.com

    It is a hard plastic case with a silicone band around the edge that plugs the holes for the audio jack and charging/usb jack. The silicone also covers the power, volume, and camera buttons and I think it makes it easier to press the buttons. Nothing keeps all the dust out , but this case seems to work pretty well. It comes with a full screen protector, but it got light scratches in it rather quickly. The glass on the Droid is very durable and hard to scratch, so now I just don't use a screen protector.

    I've tried a few different cases, and this is the best one I've found yet for the environment that I'm usually in.


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