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Thread: Troubles with my Jawbone

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    Troubles with my Jawbone

    So when I got my Jawbone on my blackberry I loved it. Worked perfectly and the noise assassin is amazing. Only problem is that it doesn't work too well with my droid.

    I know I can't voice dial with it, I've come to accept that as not too much of a loss. But the more I play with it the more I'm seeing that I can't do much else.

    When the Jawbone is connected and I have an incoming call the screen display is the blue one indicating that it's a bluetooth call. But then I hit the main button on the jawbone, like I always have, and it answers the call without the headset and turns back to the green background of a regular voice call. Same thing when I answer by sliding the bar on the screen. And when I try to place a call, it doesn't use the headset even when I click the bluetooth toggle on the call screen. The weird thing is, when I end the call, I still hear the beep though the headset, even though the headset wasn't receiving audio during the call. and yes, It's paired correctly and on. I go to the connection menu and it says paired: receiving phone audio, or something like that. Any advice would be great, it's really aggravating knowing my awesome $130 dollar headset is now a $130 plastic earring
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    Exit - which jawbone do you have? Also, are you using visual voicemail?

    I've been experiencing very similar problems with my jawbone prime ever since I ran the OTA update to 2.1. When I had version 2.0.1, the connection between my jawbone and my droid was rock-solid. Not so much since then. Unfortunately I posted several times in the Verizon tech thread, but received no response. I *think* there may be some correlation between a new message arriving via visual vm and the bluetooth connection being broken.

    Try turning you jawbone off, initiating a call, then turning back on once the call is initiated. Once your jawbone links up, the call should transfer to your headset. I've found that this will keep the pairing active for a while.

    Let us know if this works for you.
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    After 2.1 I have that same exact problem. I'm running the Jabra Bt so I'm assuming its just a problem with the update since a few people have been experiencing this. Everything was fine before the update. A battery pull and reset had been done and it still does it.
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    I've been running the Jawbone Icon since before and after the update with little to no issues. I did have a similar problem a while ago, but a full reset of the firmware on the Jawbone fixed this. Go to Jawbone.com and sign up for the MyTalk app. Once you have been "approved" hook up your Jawbone ear piece and reinstall the firmware. Worked like a charm for me with no issues since then. Give it a try.
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    Yeah, as usual when you go to the Verizon store or call them they say "I've never heard of this issue". Had the same problems. My prime works fine with my other verizon phone for work which is a samsung convoy. It also worked fine with my other droids which were swapped out for crappy call quality. So, I just received my "like new referbished" droid and it seems to have cleared up the problem with the bluetooth, with only one exception. The bluetooth volume is poor. It's weak. I have the headset and the phone call volume cranked. Weak. The droid, be it a cool toy is the most useless phone I have ever seen. If I wasn't in a contract, I would turn it into a suppository and insert it into the nearest salesperson at my local store.


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