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Thread: Best Full Body Shields for Droid?

  1. Droid Newbie
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    Apr 2010

    Is InvisibleShield Full Body Protection any good?

    Ok, Im am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have decided to get a full body protector for my droid, after I noticed a few scrathes on back of my Driod and a little ding on the cornerof the phone. I am going for the InvisibleShield, but heard many other alternatives: PhantomSkinz, BodyGlove, Warspol (not sure if I spelled that correctly). I checked out the BestBuy site and I saw that the only full body protector is the Invisible Shield (if im correct) and I don't know what they carry at the Verizon stores. I bought mine from BestBuy and would like to purchase the full body from there too.

    Do they carry these other alternative there, which one is the best, and while Im waiting to get one, are there an tips to get rid of the few scratches on the back of the Driod?

    Also, the InvisibleShields says that it will heal the phone of scrathes during the first 24 hours, do they mean the screen or anywhere where there is a scrath (including the back) and also would it cover the corners?

    Thank You.
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  3. Droid
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    Droid A855
  4. Droid Newbie
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    Apr 2010
    Enter Current Phone Model Here
    I am actually looking for some heads up on this.

    I've seen from Zagg Invisible, Stienheil Crystal, Ghost Armor and GadgetShieldz

    and all sound good, yet really not that much information on them.

    Sounds like Stienheil might be the way to go, but Zagg and Ghost Armor seem to be more "resistant" to scratches ect.

    Only benefits I see with me getting Zagg is I can buy it locally and even have bestbuy install it for me. Not having to deal with the install myself.

    As of right now still got the crappy shipped in box plastic film over top not wanting to scratch it.
  5. Master Droid
    Detonation's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
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    Galaxy SIII
    I've tried various protectors with the difference devices I've had over time, here are my comments:

    Zagg ($25 less coupons)
    Pro: Great protection, definitely scratch proof
    Con: Expensive, Very rubbery/tacky feel compared to others, orange peel effect

    BestSkinsEver ($8)
    Pro: Cheap, protection similar to Zagg
    Con: Just as rubbery/tacky as Zagg, if not more and bigger orange peel effect

    BodyGuardz (2 for $25 less coupons)
    Pro: Very smooth, good price
    Con: skin gets marks on it you can see in a glare over time. can also somewhat feel them.

    ClearProtector ($25 less coupons)
    Pro: Very smooth, so far hasn't gotten the marks bodyguardz did
    Con: Causes a slight effect on the screen, noticeable when white. Doesn't blur/distort it or anything, just an optical effect similar to when water/grease is on the screen. Also lacks coverage compared to others.

    PhantomSkinz (2 for $25 less coupons)
    Pro: Smooth, clear
    Cons: Everything else. scratches easily and looks like crap real quick. So much that I made a thread about it here

    So my pick for the winner? For me its a tie between BodyGuardz and ClearProtector. BG has great coverage at a great price (there's always at least a 20% off coupon, plus every purchase after your first is also 20% and stack with the coupon). Unfortunately the screen slowly gets marks on it that appear in the glare like an orange peel effect. The ClearProtector so far has not gotten any in a month's use. However, it does cause that slight distortion, and it also lacks pieces to cover the slanted edges around the screen, where as most others do.

    A lot of people will recommended Zagg, but that's because its the only one they know (especially since its in retail stores). It does provide great protection, but I think people recommending it would be surprised if they felt how smooth BG and CP were.

    Fortunately these skins always have sales and coupons making them pretty cheap. I didn't pay full price for any of them other than BSE (but its cheap to begin with).
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  6. Junior Droid
    lightningcases's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Enter Current Phone Model Here
    Hey if you guys are looking for great quality full body skins then you should check out our store. www.Lightningwireless.com

    We carry skinomi full body screens and although this can be just an opinion, we can easily say that we are far better than Zagg in quality AND price. And better than gadget guard in inventory and distribution.

    I think everyone should know by now that Zagg is slightly overpriced just because of the fact that they were here probably the longest. They sell there shields for about 25-30 retail. Skinomi retails for 20 and can find it on our site for just 13.
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  7. Master Droid
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    Feb 2010
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    Sprint Galaxy S3
    I have owned Best Skins Ever and InvisibleSHIELD but the best deal overall is the one I got for the Droid, which is the Stealth Guard Protector. I got two full body shields and a lifetime warranty for $9.99. It was easier to put on than BSE and is very scratch resistant. I am a bargain shopper and this works great for me with no peeling...at least within the first couple months.
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  8. Droid Sensei
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    Nov 2009
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    Enter Current Phone Here
    Has anyone used the Steinheil full body skin? I do like their Crystal screen protector.
  9. Droid Newbie
    Countrygirl7676's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Motorola Droid
    i have used best skins ever in the past and loved them. I decided to give the stealthguard ones a try. I'm sending them back. I thought they were harder to put on the the BSE. They have a stickyness to them so once you put it on you can't slide it around to get it in place right. I found it also scratched very easily, not happy with these at all. I think i'll go back to the BSE ones....onless someone has other suggestions.


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