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Thread: Cliphanger - Good or Bad, Plus Docking Issues

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    Exclamation Cliphanger - Good or Bad, Plus Docking Issues

    I've had a few requests recently about the use of Cliphangers and docking solutions for MIKRADLE. For those unfamiliar with Cliphanger, see here for more info on it: Cliphanger Lets You Hang Your Phone or iPod Anywhere!

    Obviously this type of accessory does create issues when used with docks (especially as most users adhere it to the back of a cover as opposed to a naked Droid). Since the MIKRADLE is of an "open" design, I was able to successfully modify a version to accommodate the clip. So, for all those that have been asking about this - here's a couple of photos showing how it works with a modified MIKRADLE - a simple mod I'm able to do easily for my customers.

    I did not have one of the clips for the photo session, but utilized a piece of wire (very similar in size and loop, as close as I can ascertain viewing the videos) to simulate the look of the real clip. What I've done is simply scoop out the retaining side of the MIKRADLE to allow a Droid wearing a Cliphanger to sit flat and still take advantage of the Multimedia Mode as induced by our magnet. The MIKRADLE I used for demo purposes is just an "unfinished" prototype for demonstration purposes only - naturally production models would be finished off in the five colors normally available.

    Click on photo for enlarged view:
    Cliphanger - Good or Bad, Plus Docking Issues-dscn6232.jpgCliphanger - Good or Bad, Plus Docking Issues-dscn6233.jpgCliphanger - Good or Bad, Plus Docking Issues-dscn6234.jpgCliphanger - Good or Bad, Plus Docking Issues-dscn6236.jpg

    In the photos you can see the obvious difference between the standard MIKRADLE (dark Mahogany) and the modified model (lighter, unfinished model). Future MIKRADLES may have this new shape as standard, rather than offering different configurations. And both sides of the MIKRADLE would have the same shape for a symmetrical look.

    As far as the magnet is concerned - because we employ the use of a larger, HD magnet there should be no issues at all inducing the Multimedia Mode while using both a jacket and a Cliphanger.

    Meanwhile - I'd like to hear from those that have used the Cliphanger as to how happy they are with it, and what the pros and cons are after having used it for a period of time. I'm a bit skeptical of the "self-stick" adhesive that adheres it to the back of the Droid (or whatever cover you may be using). How well it holds up in time would be my concern. If you look at the linked website, they do appear to adhere quite well in the videos.

    How about it - any Cliphanger users with feedback? Place it here if you don't mind! It sure looks to be a viable alternative to a holster, which is what I'm contemplating for summer use (when I don't have roomy jacket pockets)..

    I'm very happy to be able to accommodate all Cliphanger users on MIKRADLE! mikey

    By the way - I have no affiliation with Cliphanger - just posting a link to their site as relative to it's use with MIKRADLE!
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    This is absolutely outstanding - looks like it will totally accommodate the Cliphanger (which I love) and let me use the dock/clock feature - please send me a Paypal invoice right away for the dark walnut version. You are terrific - thank you! In fact - I really really like the "unfinished" two tone version.


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