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Just this morning I ordered the Motorola docking station. Then a couple of hours later I saw this thread...and well...had to order one of these MIKRADLE puppies too. I'm looking forward to doing my own comparison test.
Starsushi - I thank you very much for the order! I hope my product holds up to your test - we've already had a comparison test by one of our Mods here (RinTinTigger) back a month or two ago.He compared the MIKRADLE, the Moto Dock and the Seidio Cradle. If you want to see the posts on that comparison, it's a sticky thread at the beginning of this forum. That comparison was duplicated by Tigger in a German Forum also, which led to a ton of sales for me in Europe! Which is my next goal after this past Saturday of selling a MIKRADLE in Hawaii, completing my goal to have a MIKRADLE in all 50 states in this country! So now I'm targeting Europe next, I've already sent MIKRADLES to more than a half dozen countries there as well as China, Japan, Greenland and Australia. But I'm not optimistic about hitting that goal anytime soon - not as much exposure there as I've had here in the good ol' US of A!

But - here's hoping you give us the thumbs up so that it adds to the rep we've been working so hard on the last three months! Thanks again - mikey!