Hey guys,
first of all, apologize for my photo skill.
I never can get them right;(

Colorant Metalica case review for Galaxy S3-032.jpg
I just changed my phone to GS3 from iPhone4
Yes! I'm a big fan of Apple, but decided to switch to Samsung for bigger screen.
(and iPhone5 is rumored to have only 4inch screen, so I havent hesitated a bit)

Anyways, I know this case brand 'Patchworks', which I've used for my old iPhone4.
One day, I was checking out their facebook page and found a perfect case for my new Galaxy S3.

They named it 'Metalica'.
I think this case is just perfect for me because I'm a big fan of Blue cars.
(yes, it might sound strange but I always had that feeling towards blue sport cars)

OK. this is how it comes.
Colorant Metalica case review for Galaxy S3-028.jpg
simple PET packed just like one of those razor blade package.
It's kinda tought to get it open, I hope patchworks makes some improvement on this.

Well. this is simple snap case, and it fits perfectly.
I believe you shouldnt worry about the fitment.
Also, you see the inner part is RED! which is interesting and works fine for me.

Colorant Metalica case review for Galaxy S3-036.jpgColorant Metalica case review for Galaxy S3-038.jpgColorant Metalica case review for Galaxy S3-033.jpg

This is chrome plated case, so if you are extra sensitive to finger-prints, you will be bothered.
For me, I like its sporty look from chrome plating.

Good for me!
I think this is quite innovative case for such a car lover like myself!
Once again, sorry for the poor pic quality,
you should check out their facebook page for better pictures.


thank you!

from Galaxy Maniac