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Thread: HTC EVO Extended Life Battery

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    HTC EVO 3G/4G

    HTC EVO Extended Life Battery

    I have an EVO 3G/4G. I am looking into buying an extended life battery for it.
    The problem that I think is going to arise is this: I have an OtterBox cover on my phone.
    I called BestBuy and asked if the OtterBox would still fit the phone. The lady said "It should still fit."
    The extended life battery comes with a cover to fit over the battery, so I am thinking this will make the phone thicker, making it too thick for the OtterBox to fit.
    Am I right or is the BestBuy employee right?
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    Well, you can buy a 1800mah from Mugen Power...it'll fit your phone because it's stock size. If you want a 3200mah, that might be an issue with fitting.
    HTC EVO 4G - HTC
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    This thread is a month old but in case the OP is still looking for an answer, I have one.

    I owned an EVO 4G and was with Sprint prior to moving back to Verizon and getting a Thunderbolt. The EVO Extended Battery does make the battery back stick out just like the Seidio 3500 mAh extended battery makes the back stick out on the Thunderbolt. If you PM me with your email address, I can send you a photo of the EVO with the extended battery on it. I haven't posted photos on this site yet but when I'm on my computer, I'll post one later so you can see the normal battery with it's cover and the extended battery with its cover in two photos for comparison. Consequently, I'm interested in selling my EVO 4G or any of its accessories and was thinking of posting these for sale through eBay, individually. The battery works quite well as I only had the phone for 11 months before switching back to Verizon.


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