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Thread: In Depth REVIEW...VZN Wireless Snap-On Cover & Mount Combo PLUS Car Dock MOD!

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    In Depth REVIEW...VZN Wireless Snap-On Cover & Mount Combo PLUS Car Dock MOD!

    1st, An Introduction 2.0:
    Hi everyone, I'm Johnny D. aka SigmunDroid...
    Everywhere I go I see products that I want for my Moto Droid...
    They all *seem* to have all that I want until I take a closer look at the specs -OR-
    realise during their R&D they keenly omit a feature I want or need.

    So for all of the Droid forumites I've come to a decision and purchased what I feel
    is a fabulous combination package rare in our world which pairs
    a slick-arse case with a windshield suction-cup car dock, and with a little modding of this Car Dock
    we will be able to activate Car Dock Mode once Docked!!!
    ...Read On for the review!

    A Definitive Review: Snap-On Hard Cover & Mount Combo....MSRP: $29.99

    *Available at your local VZN Wireless Corporate Retail Store..
    *Hard Cover and mount is said to be compatible with all CoatCaseDuo Hard Covers.

    This set not only includes a Seidio Online-esque soft/hardened rubber 2 piece
    case (which seems to be of high quality similar to the Seidio cases I've used and purchased in the past for other devices SHOWN HERE)

    but.....it also includes a Suction-Cup Car Dock....The issue (that we'll handily solve in the last part of the review)
    is that it does NOT come with any magnets which as you know enables "Car Dock Mode" to instantiate upon magnetic polarity recognition...
    Verizon has also included a durable belt clip as well (as shown in the first picture)
    which is branded with big Red's name and logo, imagine that!

    Fit And Finish:

    Quality and Quantity at last merry happily with this unobtrusive design and ease of functionality!
    Each piece (there are 2) snap into place as if they were meant to by some cosmic force, and I'm not kidding.
    The fitment is unlike many cases I've purchased where something just didn't feel/fit correctly. Not a problem with this case at all.....

    Another unknown little tidbit is that the top portion of the case (when attached of course) creates a firmness I haven't had the pleasure
    of knowing before I bought this case. What this top piece does is add rigidity to the bottom portion of the screen (in landscape mode)
    Some of you hear a faint thud when tapping the aforementioned side (back button section) This case eliminates this thud...Sweet!

    I found texting via the slide out keyboard of the same Droidful, I mean dreadful uselessness I've had without the case!
    O.k, then...enough....More pictures.

    -With precise access to your:
    -Headphone Jack/Sleep/Power Button

    -Camera Button/Camera Lens
    -Micro USB Port

    -Volume Buttons
    -Microphone, and most importantly:
    -The speakerphone housing!

    -Call quality and alerts will ring through and will not be muffled one bit.

    The negatives:

    *In order to use the dock you just purchased (with the 2piece case), a circular connector must be added to your case---which mounts on the back securely. (I call it the Droid Dock Connector or DDC)

    It cannot be removed without taking off the back portion of the case.
    Taking off either piece can be a real PITA. The teeth
    (from either piece of the case) that grab on to your Droid *may*
    need some sanding IF you frequently take off the cover, just an FYI...

    The only other negative I can make it worth mentioning is Fingerprints! Doh!
    If you have sweaty hands/palms or are just 100% nervous all of the time you will see them show on this case...
    I would invest in a micro fiber nappy. I use one and it cleans as it wipes!

    How Thick Is It?

    I must admit I dislike cases that make an already brick looking device even thicker
    but this case really is thin! From the Droid's back side to outer most edge of the case it's about 3/8's of an inch,
    and another 3/8's of an inch from that to the Dock connector. Not bad, but not great either...

    As for the top piece?
    You hardly know it's there, and does a great job protecting your investment.

    Form And Function:

    Docking the case has never been easier thanks to the well thought out connector
    (or hindrance) depending on how you look at it. On one hand the connector
    which Docks your Droid to the Car Dock snaps into place, AND utilizes
    *teeth* which are arrayed in a circle to allow up to 360 degree placement!

    However...on the other hand having that Dock connector
    (which comes out less than a 1/2 inch) protrude can hinder your Droids ability
    to be housed inside of a leather holster or pouch.

    As an example here is my leather holster while being a tighter fit than usual does
    hold my Droid nice and snug without having to ram the crap out of it in order to fit.
    YMMV in this regard. This case was purchased via Slickdeals.net all for a whopping .99 cents FS!

    Durability/Final Thoughts:

    I, personally dig this type of case which is not only affordable, but kills 2 birds with one stone...
    Similar in design as the Body Glove case but features the soft/hardened rubberized case we are used to seeing
    from one of, if not THE most popular/selling designs ever...made by Seidio Online.
    This case is a very cost effective alternative to the aforementioned brand if budgeting is in order.

    The case has already proved itself by protecting my already thrice dropped phone.
    How did the case fare?

    The case did NOT suffer even a scratch...I truly feel this combination package cannot be beat at $29.99
    and find it to be a tremendous value, even more-so with the proceeding
    Part 2 Review/Modification to the Dock which will enable the coveted "Car Dock Mode..."

    Johnny Depth's Home Depot Car Dock Mode Mod:

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    Johnny Depth's Home Depot Car Dock Mode Mod Part2

    Johnny Depth's Home Depot Car Dock Mode Mod Review Part #2:
    *What you will need*

    1.) Access to Home Depot
    2.) 3M Double Sided Tape (Red Package) UPC:021200471032 Price: $4.97
    3.) The elongated 8pack of magnets............UPC:095421070015 Price: $1.98

    Once you have all three items covered take off the plastic piece that holds your Droid Dock Connector (DDC) by unscrewing it. Look Here:

    Once you've done this take (2) two magnets...
    Put them together so that they act as one bigger magnet.
    (Pro Tip: They already come stacked together correctly, so just grab two, and keep them together)

    You don't really need 2 but it makes everything easier to do.
    Once the tape has bonded with both the plastic and the magnet I took the other magnet off....

    Please remember this:


    Make certain to test this out making sure you don't test the wrong area which
    can enable the Multi-Media Dock applet, this is the one with Accuweather, a
    digital clock in landscape mode.

    What you want is the widest most area of the magnet adhering to the LEFT
    side of the plastic piece which houses/holds/secures the DDC
    (Droid Dock Connector...Look at the previous picture to be sure)

    Putting the magnet with correct polarity and placement will activate Car Dock Mode...
    Once you have tested the magnet by putting the correct side onto
    the back of your Droid (with the CORRECT POLARITY as well)
    Cut a piece of the 3M Double sided tape to the same thickness as the
    piece of the magnet. This same thickness will match the magnets widest side because this side will be adhering to the
    LEFT side of the Car Dock's plastic piece

    (and in between the magnet's right side, and the plastic piece's left side will be the 3M Doubling Tape....)

    Take the light tan side of the tape and adhere it to the Car Dock's plastic piece.
    Here is the picture again:

    Directions come with this Car Dock so make sure you have the Car Dock, and plastic piece positioned
    in the correct direction. Remember, There is only 1.

    Once the light brown side is secured and essentially glued...carefully take off
    the red side of the tape...

    Put the right side of the magnet (the side with the widest width) and adhere it to the
    light brown exposed tape (making certain the polarity you've just tested IS the same when you
    bond the magnet to the light brown exposed tape....BUT be sure to position the magnet just below about a mm,
    so that when the Droid is docked...it does not hit the magnet. Play with the fitment/magnet's position before bonding.

    Look at the picture for confirmation and hold tight enough to bond, but not too tight to break the plastic because it is plastic.

    If you've done everything correctly...
    Your Droid Car Dock should now look like this:

    Enjoy your newly Car Dock Activated Car Dock!

    In closing I truly hoped I helped anyone who is on the fence as to whether or not they feel like spending a few minutes/or a few
    bucks on a fantastic deal on this product...I'm happy with my case and my modded dock so much so cheers to all and hope to see
    you around the Droidforum...
    Last edited by JohnnyDepth; 01-25-2010 at 04:03 AM.
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    Bump 2 the top..
  4. Master Droid
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    Great review, I was wondering how to get that to work.

    Why Root? - Because I Can

  5. Senior Droid
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    282 Views and 1 reply?

    I would have thought you guys would have something to say...bummer.
  6. Master Droid
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    Thanks to you JohnnyDepth I bought this.

    And am now having a thread up on giving my old car dock away.

    Your thread was motivational on what case to get and because of you I cracked down and finally made a decision (3 months in the making)
    Your Soul Is Mine!
  7. Senior Droid
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoxus View Post
    Thanks to you JohnnyDepth I bought this.

    And am now having a thread up on giving my old car dock away.

    Your thread was motivational on what case to get and because of you I cracked down and finally made a decision (3 months in the making)

    Hey Phoxus....I'm so very glad that this review helped...even if it was
    just one person...it means a lot, so enjoy your purchase!
    (I know I am)
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    Must be a tough crowd or maybe not too many people like to mount cell phones to their cars, or they don't have cars.

    But your thread was very helpful. I may consider mounting my droid in my car.
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    is there a reason this is not available on the vzw.com website, and i'm a little confused. they sell a cardock with a span on hard cover that doesn't automatically go into cardock mode? what's the point of selling a dock that doesn't use this functionality out of the box. i apologize if i sound thickheaded right now, i just bought the regular car dock that is available online and this seems like a great solution the PITA of takeing your case off everytime u get in the car, but if i understand correctly the combo that u have in the very first picture is the same type of car dock without the magnet and automatic car dock function? i haven't seen this product at any vzw store or online nor do any vendors have it, i know this because i am a verizon authorized retailer and this is the first i've ever seen this box let alone the product.
  10. Beta Team
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    I like the idea, however I am not sure if I like that button style clip holster dealio.
    I have the 2 peice verizon case / holster and my phone slides in screen first so there is NO chance I can bump into some thing and scratch my screen

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