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Thread: Droid alarm - turn off today's when waking early

  1. Droid
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    Thank you so much - made me crazy LOL
  2. Droid Ninja
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    Quote Originally Posted by BobthePhotoGuy View Post
    You can also hit the camera button when in the dock to shut it off.
    This is exactly what I do - old habit of just reaching over and tapping the top of my old alarm clock! I discovered this trick by doing just that!

    When I wake up early - I usually un-dock the phone anyway - I'll just "uncheck" the alarm to keep it that maniacal rooster from screaming out his wake up call! mike
  3. OX4
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    samplesj - you're exactly right. It's an annoying bug with both the Droid and my old Samsung Omnia. If you wake up before your alarm goes off, there is no way to turn the alarm off for that day. I uncheck the alarm, and yet the alarm goes off anyway. The only solution I have is to turn the stupid thing off and turn it back on after the alarm time has past.
  4. Droid Newbie
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    Quote Originally Posted by samplesj View Post
    My wife and got tired of fumbling with the tiny plug and decided to get multimedia docks. Part of the rationale was that we could also get rid of our alarms and not have to worry about remembering to set the alarm or hope the battery was strong enough if the power blinked in the night.

    However there is one wrinkle in this plan. She often gets up five or ten minutes BEFORE the alarm actually goes off. With the manual alarm clock she just turned it off in that case. The only way to do this on the droid that we can find is to turn off the alarm entirely, and then turn it back on AFTER it should have gone off. Is there a trick to just disable the next alarm but keep the alarm enabled for the next day.

    If there isn't a way to do this in the stock alarm app, is there another app that will do this (and integrate nicely with the multimedia dock)?
    I have this exact problem. The alarm allows you to specify active days, which seems like an effort to keep you from having to remember to modify the alarm on a recurring basis. But the lack of a "dismiss today's alarm" capability thwarts the effort. When you wake early, you either have to wait for the alarm to occur (poor solution) or disable it and remember to reset it later. I have an android in my life to reduce the number the things I have to remember; I'm disappointed that this deficiency still exists. Please tell me what I am missing.
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