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Thread: Skullcandy 50 50s - mic not working on X

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    Skullcandy 50 50s - mic not working on X

    So super cheap mics work. But I have never been able to get nice headphones with a mic to work properly. The sound comes but the mic (all the mics) are totally muted. Same thing happened with the white iphone buds.

    the phone is updated to froyo and not rooted.
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    Having the same problem here. I've checked a few other forums and I feelthere is some clarification necessary. First off, the plug goes all the way into the jack. While the plastic thing you grip to push the plug in and pull it out seems large, it is not large enough to obstruct the plug. Approximately 1/4mm of the plug remains outside the jack once the plug bottoms out. Secondly, the buttons work. Just not as they should. Both the volume up and volume down buttons play and pause music in my winamp program. The only problem is the mic does not work. The earbuds work just like anyother and the droid recognizes the presance of a mic as it disables the built in mic of the phone but the headphone's mic remains muted. I know the mic is detected because I can use a standard set of headphones with the droid x and when I receive a call or use voice features all I have to do is speak into the mic on the phone. With the 50/50's neither mix works. Assuming its a driver issue of some form or another. I'm gonna see if I can find an app or workaround of some kind. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate them as would our thread founder. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
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    I just recieved 50/50's for xmas and have tried a few differnt apps and work arounds and to no avail. The mic still refuses to play ball.... I've been contemplating rooting my phone for awhile now and i'm not sure if rooting it would help or not.... Help??
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    i am having the same problem with my skullcandy 50/50's on my Droid2. if i call someone they cannot hear me. i'm taking them back tomorrow. for $35 i expect the mic to work. i'll get a different brand.


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